My mobiles speakers and headphones don't work


Nov 6, 2012
Hello, I have a real problem, can anyon help me please?

My mobile was recently replaced, so it s fairly new. A month ago or so the speakers on the phone, and the headphones (which are not the origional Samsung headphones) stopped working for some time and then came back on. I could get it to work again by tapping or lightly hitting it against something.

Unfortately, a few weeks ago the speakers went completely. A week or so after that, so did the headphones, but with a tiny bit of sound, hardly noticable. I'm not sure about the possibility of water damage; I did listen to music and watch Youtube i the bath (obviously not literally in the bath) which isn't as weird as it might sound.

I have tried changing settings, different headphone, soft reset (taking out the battery and holding down the power button) and also factory reset. Nothing has worked. I know it's obious I'm probably going to have to get it repaired or try to ring up my service provider, but my parents are in charge of that and aren't exactly enthuiastic , since we are all on orange have had so many phone problems very recently.

By the way - yes, the phone is Android

This is just taking a shot, but does anyone have any other ideas, or anything I may have missed? It's worth shot

Thank you in advance.
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