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  1. N

    Solved! Tv with dts support but home theatre does not support dts

    My tv has dts audio support, but the home theatre that I bought doesn't support dts. Will the home theatre system still play the audio of the movie I am watching?
  2. E

    Solved! Help! New to this stuff....

    Good day to you all. I have been thinking of getting into some semi professional audio equipment and I have some questions so I am here. I would greatly appreciate any help or guidance. I am a PC user who plays games and listens to all various genres of music, which files are mostly .mp3's at...
  3. D

    Solved! Speakers buzz when connected/plugged into PC?

    So I get a buzz with my speakers. When my PC is on, when I move the mouse, or move a window, or play youtube, i get a buzz. And it's of varying frequencies and loudness. I have two Yamaha HS5's and a YSTFSW100 subwoofer connected to my Xonar dsx 7.1 sound card on my PC. This just gets worse...
  4. B

    Solved! Help troubleshooting why subwoofer isn't working through AV Receiver through optical, but is through other inputs

    Hi there, I am new here but hoping someone can help me with the problem I'm currently having - I am way past the point of pulling my hair out with this! I have an Onkyo AV Receiver connected to a 2.1 Cambridge audio speaker system. When using Bluetooth or turntable input, it works perfectly...
  5. I

    Speaker Ohm issue

    Hello, I started to build a guitar cab. It is going to be a 4x12 (4 12 inch speakers). I already bought 4 8 ohm speakers for it. I have a 4 ohm amp. Is there anyway i can wire the speakers togeather to be 4 ohms?
  6. shiva.ram54

    I have creative inspire 5.1 T6160 how to connect to Vu 43SU128 led tv?

    The speaker has 3 cables and I'm from India so i'd really appreciate if people can recommend me products from any website that sell their product in no other currency than INR because foreign exchange rate for Indian currency is too low (usually). Thanks.... p.s. Would something similar to this...
  7. M

    Absolutely insane static when running games/listening/producing music through USB Audio Interface in new PC

    So over four years ago I bought an Alienware x51, it served me well for a very long time, I used it as my main production/gaming PC until like 2 days ago. I had my two Yamaha HS5s hooked up to a behringer Uphoria 404hd, and that, via USB connected to my PC. I still have that same setup, but a...
  8. S

    Headset AMP requirament

    I did some research and I decided that I will buy the DT 990 PRO 600 OHMS because they're off their high-end Audio but I have read that they need a strong Headset AMP to be used to their full potential. I was unable to confirm if the Headphone Amp Sound BlasterX G5 from Creative was good enough...
  9. MrMario

    New Speakers candidates: How about the A2+?

    I am looking to buy some new speakers for my desktop. Right now, the Audioengine A2+ are my top contender. My budget is anywhere from $100-300. Mostly playing video games, watching movies and listening to music are what I use my speakers for. I am coming from the Logitech z533 2.1 speakers...
  10. H

    AMP / DAC/ Onboard

    Hi i wanna buy a DT990 Pro 250Ohm, and i was wondering is it any good options for AMP or DAC, or Mixer under 40 Euro/35 GBP. or is its even needed? if i have a Asus Maximus VIII Hero motherboard? Have a nice Day. :)
  11. N

    Gamer/Streamer looking to get better headphones

    Hi! Im a streamer and I am looking to get into higher end headphones. Im looking toward a set of dedicated headphones, no microphone attached. I was thinking of something audio-technica, and am willing to check out other brands. My budget is sub 200$ for now, but if I like what i get, I can...
  12. S

    Looking for Headpones for College

    Hey everybody, I know this question may have been asked 1000 times already but I have been On a wild hunt for the right headphones and I was hoping someone could help me out here. I am looking for some over-ear, closed back headphones that I can use to Game and listen to music. Unfortunately, I...
  13. S

    HD6XX vs K7XX

    Hey guys, I am just wondering whether I should go for the Sennheiser HD6XX or AKG 7XX. My uses are split between gaming and music listening. I typically listen to hip hop, rap and edm however I often mix it up. I don't play many FPS' other than Rainbow six siege and single player story ones. I...
  14. W

    3 Sources to 1 TOSLINK Input?

    I want to have my computer, phone, and Echo Dot all play wirelessly through my soundbar's TOSLINK (digital-optical) IN port simultaneously (without having to switch between them, but to be able to hear all 3 at the same times). How can I set this up?
  15. R

    Home Theater gets shuts down when i increase the volume

    I have 5.1 Home theater system, 1 year old. It has all basic features like Bluetooth, Built-in Fm and other. Recently i figured out that when i increase the volume to 10 the system gets shut down. I checked all the internal connections everything is fine but i am unable to fix it. This my...
  16. S

    Best affordable soundbar for TV and PC

    Now I have picked few products but I have trouble deciding which one of them is best. I really wanted a product with a sub-woofer and one of them does not have one but it has amazing reviews. Please see what I have pre-selected and advise me which of those is the best...
  17. C

    What is the ideal audio solution for me?

    So, my situation might be a little on the complicated side, as there is a lot i would like to accomplish using one setup. First and foremost, i want quality audio for gaming((listening to footsteps and gunshots))/listening to music. These are the two most frequent things i do on my computer at...
  18. M

    Edifier S760D and ZXR soundcard

    Good evening everyone, first of all please assume I know very little about high end audio, and thank you for time and patience. I'm trying to get the best audio quality out of my S760D 5.1 speakers(http://www.edifier.com/us/en/speakers/s760d-5.1-gaming-speakers), they do not have a HDMI out, so...
  19. C

    Best warm sounding amp under €300?

    Hello dear tom'sHardware users!! I am looking forward into buying a new amp. Since I am looking forward to use them with either the new Wharfedale Diamond 11.1 or the MA Bronze 2's (which should I pick) I would like the amp to provide warm sound, especially if I go with the Bronze 2's since they...
  20. C

    A Theater/Party Audio System

    Hello, my basement has recently been re-done, and I would like to introduce an amazing audio set up because, well music is awesome. Now I admittedly know very little about audio set ups. I would like something wireless, that I can hang from the ceiling corners. Its a half carpeted room (if that...
  21. J

    Which dynamic usb mic should I buy?

    Should I buy the rode podcaster or the Samson q2u? which one is better?
  22. A

    Recommendation between Sony SRS-X99 & Audio Pro Addon C5 with Audioquest Dragonfly Red

    Hi I have researched two options for Hi-Res Audio for my computer, it is used for Hi-Res Music, Spotify streaming, Podcasts, watching films and sound for my TV (PC is used in living room and connected to TV). These two options fit my budget and ease of purchase. I am interested in hearing other...
  23. B

    Optical Output From Laptop

    Hi Is it possible to get optical output from the 3.5mm headphone jack of a Scan 3XS Laptop to enable DTS m my receiver if I connect my laptop to my TV? I am aware I could get a USB external sound card but thought I'd try less hardware if possible. Cheers
  24. C

    Which speaker to pick for under 400$?

    I am posting a similar thread like the other ones about the speaker choice yet again. This is because now I have more options and have a different choice. As of now I have come down to the choice of these three speakers: Wharfedale Diamond 225 (300 euro) Monitor audio Bronze 2 (350 euro) Dali...
  25. C

    Which amp should I buy for my speakers?

    Hello people of the tomshardware. I need some help to chose an amp for my Wharfedale DIamond 225 which I will be using on my PC. After seeing what's available to me I have come down to the SMLS SA-98, Q5 pro, FXaudio D802. A guy told me that the SA98 has the most power (60WPC at 8Ω), however he...
  26. C

    Solved! Best amplifier under 150$?

    Hello, I am looking forward to buy an amp for my Wharfedales Diamond 225 speakers. I am looking to spend no further than 150$. So far I have seen these amplifiers at this price range available to me: SMSL SA-98E FX Audio D802C SMSL Q5 PRO If I am correct, the SMSL SA-98E provides the most...
  27. C

    What amp should I buy for Wharfedales Diamond 225?

    Hello I am looking to buy an amp that will power these speakers, i do want an amp which will not distort the sound and that will able to drive these speakers loud. I am looking to spend 100-150 $ (preferably euro). If possible give me a couple of different options and price points (from 100 and...
  28. C

    What amp do I need for this speaker?

    I want to buy Wharfedales Diamond 225's, however I do not know how to chose and amp.. I dont know what is the difference between the higher and lower priced amps, because I want to spend about 100-150, and I want to know what kind of quality will i be getting at this price range, and what are...
  29. C

    Help With Equipment Needed For Rokit KRK RP6's

    In the near future, I plan on purchasing 2 x Rokit KRK RP6 speakers. This will be my first experience with 'high-end' audio. I am just looking for a couple of other things I will need to buy; EG: Will I need a DAC? What about an external sound card? What is necessary and what is a gimmick? Will...
  30. A

    Dac w/Amp Setup to power DT990 250ohm headphones?

    So im looking for a dac w/amp setup both can be separate pieces or a all in one but I really need help finding a cheap solution to power these exact headphones...
  31. L

    Switch between 2 headphones

    So I have 2 pairs of headphones, both of them are analog, and I use them both quite frequently. Currently if I want to use the other pair, I have to unplug one pair from my computer and plug the other in, this is a bit of a pain so I wondered if there is a device that I can get that will allow...
  32. P

    Should I buy used headphones? Audio-Technica ATH-M50x

    I in procces of buying headphones and I need help from you. I want to buy m50x´s and there are 2 options. One is brand new for 160€ and used one for 110€. He said that they he burned them in on first day for 24h and were used under 100 hours altogether. I cant wrap my head around if 100 hours is...
  33. NewsFromHell

    Audio frequency check for 4000+ files

    Hello everyone, Recently I noticed that I have many old mp3's which are 30 kHz and I want to replace them with better ones, like convert from FLAC to mp3 48 kHz 320kbps. So is there any software that can analyse all my audio files and tell me which ones are lower than 41 kHz? like in a log file...
  34. H

    Wrong headphone amp power supply

    A friend of mine recently gave me a Samson C-que8 headphone amp, but he doesn't have the power supply. It requires a 19V 1A AC input. I found two power supplies laying around: one rated at 12V 1.2A AC output (correct amperage, wrong voltage) and one rated at 18V 0.5A AC output (more or less the...
  35. C

    Multi-platform headset not working for xbox one and ps4.

    Hello all, recently i have purchased a pair of Sennheiser game ones for high-end multi-platform use and was disappointed to find out how hard it is to get them to work for xbox one and ps4. When i bought them, i also bought a 30$ external sound card from startech so that i could get better sound...
  36. A

    Theater room setup

    My brother is looking for sound system in his new theater room. they ran wires for 4 ceiling speakers but thats it. im looking to use the 4 ceiling speakers for Dolby atmos. They did not run any other wire for surronds, fronts or center channels. My question is if there is way i can use an...
  37. J

    Which of these two computer audio setups is better?

    My current setup: Sennheiser HD 598 -> FiiO E07K USB DAC/Amp -> Laptop My new laptop's default setup: Sennheiser HD 598 -> Laptop analog headphone jack -> ESS SABRE Hi-Fi DAC -> Realtek High Definition Audio sound (I think, I don't know if it's bypassed and I don't know how to check) I have...
  38. S

    Finding the Right Headset / Earbuds For Hip / Hop or Bass

    Hello, i recently ordered Beats Solo 2 for 80 dollars off of groupon. Yes I know what choice I made since they are always frowned upon, but I ordered them so I can really see what they sound like. If I were to return these, (which im 75% sure I will) i would like to get a good pair of headphones...
  39. Tomjoppe28

    Best DAC under €200

    Hi i'm kind of new in the audio stuff but i do have some nice equipment. I'd like a dac to add to my speakers for under 200 euro. My speakers are a pair of B&W DM110's and my amplifier for them is a NAD 3400 its from the monitor series. (not much information about it on the internet but it sound...
  40. J

    MicroLab SOLO 9C - Suddenly stopped working? *HELP REQUIRED*

    I own a pair of SOLO 9C's (a 2.0 active stereo floorstanding speakers with a built in AMP) I woke up during the night to a sleight humming sound coming from the left (passive speaker). I reached around the back and ensured the speaker wire (w/ B-clips) was securely fitted. When pulling them...
  41. Tacticall993

    What type of audio connectors does the Sony-BDV-E570 Dvd player use?

    The product comes with 5.1 surround sound speakers, and they're amazing. I want to use these for my pc, but the connectors seem to be very wierd. Trying to find an adapter for it. Need some help, thanks! https://www.amazon.com/Sony-BDV-E570-Entertainment-Discontinued-Manufacturer/dp/B0035ER1OQ...
  42. CatalystGamez

    Looking for equipment for a good audio set up

    Hello, Just as the title says, I am looking to buy components for an audio set up for when I move out later this year. I want to get new stuff for a new place. Starting from scratch, I have a headset that I'm happy with, so now I'll just need the recording stuff, including the condenser mic...
  43. F

    Logitech Z506 black and yellow cables into ASROCK z170 Pro4s board that doesnt seem to have b/y jacks

    My motherboard asrock doesnt seem to have black and yellow cables audio jacks only blue, pink, and green so how can I use the logitech z506 5.1 black and yellow cables so that I have true 5.1? thanks.
  44. J

    Any advice for versatile audiophile headphones ?

    Hi everyone, this is my very first post on the forum, although I've been reading it for a while. I'm writing today because I'm currently looking for new headphones (mine just broke :'( ) I would like to buy versatile headphones, that is to say headphones which would be excellent for both gaming...
  45. Corey Koerner

    No More Headset

    Hi im recently getting into PC gaming and wanna ditch the astro a50s and id ilke to know what is the best pair of headphones for positional audio, and i hear id need a dac/amp to power it. money is not an object im simply looking for the best of the best with both. thank for looking over my post
  46. Hamda

    z906 or m-audio?

    hello, i have a logitech z906 system but im thinking of selling it and get m-audio/ mackie / jbl... studio monitors. i use the z906 as a 2.1 channel only 2 speakers with the subwoofer on my gaming pc desk cz i dont need the extra channels on the desk. so, should i just keep the z906 at 2.1, or...
  47. D

    Looking for a new Headphones + Mic (~$150 CAD)

    Hi, so my old headphones are getting really just disgusting at this point so I am looking to buy a new headset. I have been looking through the options but I honestly am not really an audiophile that really knows what "crisp highs" and "deep lows" really mean. I am looking for some headphones...
  48. A

    V-MODA Crossfade M-100 or ATH-AG1x

    I've narrowed things down between the V-MODA Crossfade M-100 or waiting for the new ATH-AG1x to be released. My budget for a good closed headset is $370 or less and do not want to use a modmic. I have tried the Hyperx Cloud II and I didn't like the background noise I experienced. This headset...
  49. bob0011

    Best DAC and AMP for £250

    I am looking for the best DAC and AMP for £250. I currently own a pair of Senheiser momentum's and a pair of hyperX clouds for gaming. But I will soon be buying HD650's for gaming and home listening. I listen to all kinds of music as well as using them for gaming. thanks
  50. OnyxTheMineral

    Best Non-Gaming Headphones.... For Gaming

    As people for a while have known that "Gaming" headphones are usually trash, I'm looking to branch out from the brands I have purchased from previously (Razer, Logitech, Audiotechnica). My experience with Razer and Logitech has been dreadful with lackluster headphones that broke in short periods...
  51. W

    How to get the most out of asus 797 motherboard for audiophile quality music?

    Hey All, Build my system with asus z97-a-USB31 mobo, partly for getting best quality audiophile sound possible out of it for listening to music (not for gaming). Can anyone give me some concrete advice on how to configure components software to get most out of? I listen to both my desktop...
  52. B

    Possible to connect a sub with no high-level input to a 2 channel amp?

    I currently have a 2 channel amp and a subwoofer with only an LFE or line in connection. Is there any hardware I can buy (a preamp possibly) that would allow me to connect this subwoofer to my system without purchasing a new amplifier? The subwoofer model is a JBL ES150P and the amplifier is a...
  53. Z

    Looking for new headphones.

    For the past 4 years I have had Beats by Dre. Yes i know i have heard it all, how there not worth it and how they are over priced. I have had a great experience with them and I stick to my purchases as it was most viable at the time. The time has come though to get a new pair of headphones. Im...
  54. S

    Best Amp to pair Pioneer sp bs22

    Hi so recently purchases the Pionner SP BS22 and now i am looking for a good amp to drive these speakers. Does anyone have a good suggestion for amp that i can find on the canadian amazon? Would the lepai LP2020a drive these speakers well or what is a better amp?
  55. S

    Powering speaker and a subwoofer without built in amp

    Hello there, I have this really nice set of bookshelf speakers that i was planning to power with a mini amp like the lepai 2020 etc however i have this AMAZING sounding subwoofer from a home theater that wasn't being using and i want to know how i can power the bookshelf and subwoofer with an...
  56. mantukis5000

    Old Speakers 5.1

    Is my old Creative sbs 5.1 560 speaker set good? Do speakers or headphones get obsolete? Can Creative sbs 5.1 560 play 967 kbps audio (flac)?
  57. R

    Sound Card/Amp for Sennheiser G4ME Zero

    I recently purchased a Sennheiser G4ME Zero Gaming Headset. I love the feel and sound of them but I've heard you need a dedicated sound card or amp for them to really sound good. I have a MSI Z97 Gaming 7 Motherboard. Would I notice a difference in sound if I bought either a sound card or an...
  58. R

    What is the best pair of in-ear headphones to buy? (Under $200)

    I really enjoy high quality music. I listen to a wide variety of music but mostly EDM, Dubstep, Pop, & Rock. I would prefer something with great bass, over all clarity, and comfort. I currently use Apple ear-pods because they were cheap and are considered to be pretty good at the price point. I...
  59. S

    Should I get an Optical or USB DAC? (Schiit Modi)

    I am looking to get the Schiit stack (Schiit Magni and Schiit Modi) but I see that there are 2 Modi models the Optical and the Usb (Modi 2) which one is better? I have read that there isn't really a difference in sound quality, but that optical has less feedback? I have a MSI x79A-GD45 (8D)...
  60. L

    Vintage speakers (1980) with iMac 5K (2014)

    Hi, I recently got my hands on some vintage Braun Dual CL710 speakers (1980) and I was wondering whether there was any possible way to connect these speakers to my iMac 5K (2014). I also got the matching amplifier, if that would make things easier. I don't have the slightest idea how to make...