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  1. O

    Need help Choosing a New AV Receiver

    I'm unfortunately in the market for a new AV Receiver. When I first bought my home theatre setup I went with a Harman Kardon AVR 745 and LOVED it (once I figured out how it works, lol). My plan was to go big and keep it all long-term/for life. However, the receiver only lasted me around a year...
  2. F

    HELP!!! Inspire m4500 trouble

    Hi I've a creative inspire m4500 and it used to work perfectly until now. the rear right speaker used to make buzzing noise cause it dropped a lot but worked fine. after 2 months, i check the speakers (was away for a while) and it seems that all 3 are working except for the rear right. I...
  3. J

    Experience with ALESIS Masterlink? NAD C660?

    Is there a parts house for the alesis masterlink?
  4. F

    How to connect bluetooth headphones to my surround sound system

    How to connect bluetooth headphones to my surround sound system? Is there a practical way to do this, I have a set of Bluetooth headphones. I like the TV loud and my wife doesn't! And I'm about half deaf lol.
  5. h@t

    I cant record clear voice of guitar on widows xp

    Hello, i've just installed xp. i want to record my guitar on windows xp but in clear sound. no hiss with recording. i'm using cool edit pro for recording . help ....
  6. J

    Noise randomly happens please help!

    If this post is in the wrong place please let me know where it should go as I am uncertain of it's proper location. Hello, let me start off by listing some specs as best I can to avoid confusion Computer Mobo: Asus M4a88 CPU: AMD 955 BE PSU: 600W corsair Graphics: Nvidia 460 Memory: 12G's...
  7. Q

    Multimedia audio controller driver for windows 7

  8. K


    a amd3 motherboard which best Audio on board?
  9. Virosa

    The right Headphone for me?

    Hello there, i am currently shopping for a pair of headphones to use on my PC but also portable device (@home). I have spent alot of time reading about it and the information is very conflictual, so i decided to ask here; Budget: Variable, 60~ to 200$ including shipping/taxes would be good, as...
  10. E

    How to connect laptop and home theatre here?

    Hi, I want 5.1 output, I have Dell 15R N5110(with HDMI) laptop and I am interested in Energy 5.1 Take Classic HT. Should I go for Computer speakers? Which speaker? Kindly suggest. If No, Please guide me(which other compos would be required and which type of connection could work) to connect...
  11. dansgas1000

    Upgrading from Bose Companion 3

    Hi guys, about a year ago I got some Bose Companion 3 speakers, they are very great! I just need a little more bass and the mid-tones are quite unbalanced. I have been looking at the following systems: Edifier 530D Logitech Z-5500 Corsair SP2500 I am looking something which is considerably...
  12. tk423

    Copper Clad Aluminum Speaker Wire?

    Have all the parts for my first home theater set up, all that's left is speaker wire. I was looking at 16 or 14 guage speaker wire from RCA on Amazon. Has some very good reviews and is very affordable. Then I saw some things mentioning that the wire wasn't true copper and that it was actually...
  13. R

    Whats wrong with my new audio setup?

    I just got a creative sound blaster titanium hd card and i have a problem They are amazing except for some reason a changed a setting that changed the volume so it doesnt get too loud or quiet but for some reason, all the singing i cant hear at all. i downloaded the pax drivers and i was using...
  14. G

    Seeking Audiophile Advice

    I a trying to decide between 3 microphone headsets. I am usually very good at picking hardware based on tech specs but audio is a little outside my realm of experience. I need some experienced audiophiles to examine my 3 choices and give opinions of how they compare to one another...
  15. I

    Magnum 1a125 amp , dc on speaker outputs

    Hello, i have just got hold of a magnum audio ia125 amp . on power up there is a lot of hum that dies down to a whisper . nothing else comes through the speakers even on full volume with the mc input selected (no hiss) there is around 48 volts dc on the left channel and nothing at all on the...
  16. V

    Digital to analogue signal

    I have connected computer via optic cable to Onkyo TX NR 5007. But, I can not get sound transmitted to my zone 2 speakers.
  17. G

    Drive belt for 34b

    I need a drive belt for a tascam 34B can anyone help. This is the drive belt from the main motor to pinch roller assl.,
  18. T

    I just bought 2 audiobann sound Q subs, they have one port. is that ok?

    I recently bought 2 audiobann sound q subs, they are in a custom box. I have hooked them up to my system i had and they are not working. There is only one port for the speaker wires, but two subs. Is this normal? i have never seen it before. if its not what can i do to fix it and get it working?
  19. L

    Record problem with PIONEER RT-!020L

    during record on PIONEER RT 1020L, both vu meters work fine, but upon playback, only the right channel truly recorded. Anyone knows why this happens.
  20. N

    Corsair Vengeance 1500 Soldering? USB & Sound Gurus Welcome! URGENT!

    I had a little accident. I went to the Corsair Support Forums and nobody is willing to help. I'd like to know if anyone is willing to open up their volume control enclosure on their 1500's and tell me the layout of the wiring please? Basically what happened is that the cabling got ripped from...
  21. P

    Bose 7A125v power cord

    Where can I get another power cord to replace a Bose 125v 7A power cord? Radio Shack, Frye's?
  22. L

    Problem with AKAI GX-255 Reel to Reel Deck

    what causes the play, record, ff and rewind buttons to stop functioning, was playing fine, also the lights for each button quit working. I am thinking that the cause controls the buttons and lights. Any help would suffice. Thanks
  23. A

    Out put

    hi , i have a denon avp 8000 preamp, ican play a cd through it with only 1 channel. but the tuner part is not working. does this sound familiar?
  24. A


    hi, i was wondering if i could use the dts surround modes from a 7.1 receiver and run them through my 5.1 dd a/v preamp ? kind of acting like an external dts unit like the millenium dts unit.
  25. S

    Help with Memeory ram

    So my computer marginally has 16 gig memory ram but now it suddenly say its only has 8gig memory ram installed what does that mean?? Did something burn out or break?? I recently updated my computer to window 8 and is still learning how to use it...also my window 8 isn't activated yet either. so...
  26. T

    USB to 3.5mm

    If i get a usb to 3.5mm converter for my headset, will I lose my surround sound. The sound card built into my headset has surround sound, but not my sound card.
  27. B

    7.1 Speaker system

    I am upgrading my receiver to Denon AVR 1913 and looking to replace the old low quality speakers with a 7.1 speaker set. My home theater is 13' wide 21' long so definitely have room for 7.1 set up. Budget is approx $700 but may stretch to 1000-1200 if there is bang for the buck. Any suggestions?
  28. D

    Sony parts

    Greetings, I recently got a used Sony CD player model CDP XA 20 ES. This unit needs a "stabilizer" which sits on top of the disc before the CD tray is closed. Would you happen to have this, and if so provide details for ordering? You may reply to me directly at dalehimself@yahoo.com. Thank you.
  29. B

    New audio system

    Hi,yall i'm interested in a 500$ home system for movies etc but i'm not sure what would be a good choice for me what do you guys recommend ?
  30. omaroma11

    Upgrading headphones/headset

    Hello, everybody I recently decided I wanted to upgrade for music and gaming and I will show you guys 3 options and hopefully you can give me some feedback on witch one to go with. #1 I currently have turtle beach x12 and I was thinking of maybe getting a dss or dss2 this is a good option but...
  31. A

    How to connect sony 5 1 home theatre system to windows computer

    Hello, how can i directly connect sony dav tz-130 speakers directly into my windows computer. b.t.w., itz a 5.1 channel speaker system.
  32. L

    500$ surround sound system?

    Any one know of a good surround sound system for movies/gaming/music for under 500$? something with strong bass with nice sound .?
  33. S

    Good speakers?

    I am in the look for 2.1 speakers or 5.1 speakers. I will mainly be gaming but like to listen to music as well. I don't have a budget but don't want a set that is really high in price. Any out there?
  34. A

    ASUS Xonar DX - Issue: Wave/Mix Low Volume with Echo effect

    Hello I have recently bought a Xonar DX soundcard and there is something awkward going on when I record from "Wave" or "Stereo Mix": * Recording Volume is set to 100% but the sound is very low in comparison to "Speakers". See this image: http://postimage.org/image/qa4dagpe3/full/ * When...
  35. C

    How to connects 2 amps highs and lows hi end

    hi, i have a hi end system set up. a pair of snell e4 and a bk amp and rotel preamp. how would i connect 2 amps, one for the highs and one for the lows
  36. lastskysamurai

    Best 7.1 speaker setup for around $2500 plus AV receiver question...

    Hi Everyone. To start, I've gone ahead & already skimmed the search results for 7.1 speaker setup recommendations on the forums, however I feel I haven't found an adequate answer in-reguards to my specific inquiries. So to fill you all in a bit. I've been living off a 32" NEC 720p NLT 32XT3 LCD...
  37. macmouth

    Is there a quick easy program to check the length if a wav file?

    Hi I am trying to find a simple to use program that can length and bit rate check a wav file. Television has such tools to check length, frames etc, radio doesn'crash@hot91.com.aut, that I know. Please help:)
  38. G

    Audiophile+mic vs gaming headset

    To go along with my new vg278he monitor I decided to replace my old turtle beach headphones with a new set. With the introduction of the astro a40 2013 edition and the astro a50s as well as a load of other gaming grade headsets, I have no idea what to buy. Apparently senheiser pc 360s with a...
  39. G

    Quality music from Dac and four powered speakers.

    Hello, I have the following problem. I cannot understand how can I connect my professional soundcard which has one rca output (or any future-bought dac whith one rca output) to 4 independent self-powered speakers. Is there any type of splitter, will I have quality loss? Are there any...
  40. K

    No Sound on Compaq Presario

    i had to clean my computer (wipe it out do i need to download any euqpment
  41. U

    BI-AMPING Front speakers +Center

    i have sc-57 pioneer i work with BI-AMPING Front speakers +Center Looking for three excellent speakers for 4500$ I heard KLIPSCH Works great with BI-AMPING
  42. C

    Nakamichi high-com II service manual

    Hello, all, is anybody have it ,also as user manual?
  43. I

    Help needed with Shure SM7B

    Hey everyone, so I have a Shure SM7b and I have done a little bit of recording with it but it is very very quiet. I do things on youtube so it's just my voice that is being recorded. I have a pre amp and my gain is all the way up and I have it up all the way in audacity which is my recording...
  44. E

    7.1 and 5.1 headsets , which one to buy ?

    Hello, I'm currently looking for a 7.1 or 5.1 gaming headset which is compatible with my motherboard's onboard audio. (7.1 CH HD (Realtek ALC892 Audio Codec) Headsets : Tritton AX 720+ ( 7.1 virtual ) / AX pro+ (5.1 true ) , Razor Tiamat ( 7.1 true ) / Megaladon ( 7.1 virtual ) , or the very...
  45. B

    Translate an audio file

    help to translate audio file to text
  46. N

    Which type of wiring should I use?

    Hello, I plan on going from an Ipod, to an equalizer (with only RCA inputs/outputs), to an amp ( Cerwin Vega CV1800) (only XLR and TRS inputs), to the speakers (Cerwin Vega XL-15's. a pair of them). I was trying to make sure i get the proper wiring for optimum results. I was assuming a headphone...
  47. I

    Speaker cone tear repair.

    I have a set of Allison Loud speakers that I need repaired
  48. G

    Hooking up my Surround Sound to my PC

    Hello, I've got a Creative Inspire 5.1 Digital 5700 Speaker System and haven't been able to figure how to hook it up to my PC. I have a 5.1 card (http://www.ebuyer.com/246650-asus-xonar-dg-5-1-surround-sound-card-with-built-in-headphone-amp-xonar-dg-oem) but am completely stumped as to why I...
  49. G

    What speakers to buy to use with my creative sub?

    Hello, I recently blew both my satellites on my 2.1 setup (i trigue 3600) and wanted to buy new speakers to use with the sub which still works perfectly, but dont know which type i could buy as im not really audio savvy! thanks
  50. P

    No sound through dvi to hdmi cable

    I use dvi to hdmi cable to connect computer to tv, I am not able to get sound through this setup. How can i get sound?
  51. A

    Replacing my astro a40s

    So, I think I'm going to go the path that everyone recommended anyway and go with separate headphones and a mic. I need a few recommendations from the experts. Budget $200-$250 Main use: Warcraft Required: Circumaural I'd really prefer simulated surround but sound quality is priority 1 here...
  52. W

    Pioneer receiver won\'t output sound from my CD Player

    My Pioneer VSX 53 will not output sound to my Samsung Sound Bar. I have set my HDMI Setting in the audio section of the receiver to AMP. I have also set my sound bar to analog and pushed the CD on my control paddle. Any thoughts?
  53. F

    Pioneer ctf 1250 parts

    Hello, I'm loocking for play/record heads; good aspect for good working. Thanks fabien.
  54. 1

    Sugguestions for 5.1 Surround Sound Setup

    i need my surround sound hooke up and dvd player pls give me a quote
  55. J

    Used high-end audio dealers

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone else had good experience as I have had with this website www.audiotechindustries.com?
  56. J

    Used high-end audio dealers

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone else had good experience as I have had with this website www.audiotechindustries.com?
  57. S

    Connect speker wire to a audio pin

    Hello, I have Yamaha RX-v867 receiver which accepts a audio pin for the subwoofer. I also have onkyo speakers with a subwoofer. The subwoofer accepts a speaker wire. The problem is how do i connect the other end of the speaker wire (from the subwoofer) to the receiver which only accepts a...
  58. A

    Amplifier schematics behinger bx1200

    i was playing my bass with a bx1200 ultra bass amp. when i got up off my chair the chain hanging down from the celling fan touched the strings on the bass, and that was the end of the amp. one light comes and the internal fan does not work,no sound. the power supply works aboud 40volts...
  59. C

    4ohm subs on 8ohm amp

    Yes im running five 4ohm subs on a 8ohm amp...do I run all five in sequence?
  60. C

    Home stereo speaker advice

    Hello, Yes Im running five 4 ohm subs on an 8ohm.powered sub amp ...do I tun all five in seqence?