Amplifier schematics behinger bx1200


Dec 17, 2012
i was playing my bass with a bx1200 ultra bass amp. when i got up off my chair the chain hanging down from the celling fan touched the strings on the bass, and that was the end of the amp. one light comes and the internal fan does not work,no sound. the power supply works aboud 40volts and 24 volts. dont think anything major blew. but don't know how to check it out.


FIRST it sounds like you have a dangerous electrical fault, in the ceiling fan or electrical outlets.
FIRST the ceiling fan chain appears to be energized with high voltage...
there is (may be) defective wiring on the ceiling fan which could cause dangerous (and fatal) electrical shock.
The thing to do is call an electrician to check and repair the fan wiring immediately. Do not take chances. Shut off the switch to the fan, until the fan is repaired.
Have the electrician test the electrical outlets where the amp was plugged in. Do not use the outlets until they have been tested by a qualified electrician.
You have been WARNED. Something is wrong with your electrical power wiring, and it's DANGEROUS. DO NOT ignore what I am telling you.

As far as the amplifier goes:
RE - Post this question in this other forum:
Post it in schematic requests and post it in troubleshooting and repair.
There are techs at this forum who can help you.
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