7.1 Speaker system


Jan 15, 2013
I am upgrading my receiver to Denon AVR 1913 and looking to replace the old low quality speakers with a 7.1 speaker set. My home theater is 13' wide 21' long so definitely have room for 7.1 set up. Budget is approx $700 but may stretch to 1000-1200 if there is bang for the buck. Any suggestions?
i use a klipsch quintet iv and 450w sub and they sound great.

on a tight budget i was also highly impressed with sony floorstanding speakers. at $120 for two they sound very nice even not through an amp (out of the back of an older tube tv).

ideally i would suggest floorstanding speakers and at a minimum bookshelf speakers but you could possibly make due with satelites.

head down to your local hhgregg or bestbuy as they have soundrooms and see what you like. or even better check out a local speaker dealer if you have one (but they are few and far between nowdays).
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