Corsair Vengeance 1500 Soldering? USB & Sound Gurus Welcome! URGENT!


Jan 20, 2013
I had a little accident. I went to the Corsair Support Forums and nobody is willing to help.

I'd like to know if anyone is willing to open up their volume control enclosure on their 1500's and tell me the layout of the wiring please?

Basically what happened is that the cabling got ripped from the volume control board it was soldered to.

Any feedback will be appreciated.

PS - The very little bit of writing on the board isn't enough for me to see where the cables go. So I'm depending on someone who can actually look on their own headset for me.

It'll probably void your Warranty unless you do it carefully. It shouldn't do any physical damage. And the chances of you breaking anything is very minimal.

The issue is more USB related. I have a GND, VCC, SG/SO, D+, D-.

I have the following wires. Copper, Yellowish, White, Blue and Red.

Having Copper on GND, and Yellow on VCC powers up the headset.

Having White on SG/SO, Red on D+, and Blue on D-, makes my windows say the device is unrecognized. Also No Sound.

Having White on SG/SO, Blue on D+, and Red on D-, gives me no error. And no sound.




You did not give enough information for an answer.
You can e mail me at sound guru man at yahoo dot com...
but, you will need to send plenty of good clear close up pictures.
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