Solved! Need Help Rewiring Headphone Jack

Jan 26, 2019
Hey there,

I have a pair of iSound headphones that the jack got broken on. I am trying to replace the jack now, but surprise surprise, the colors of wires don't match anything I have read online. I was hoping someone might be able to give me some insight.

This is the stripped wire. From left to right: A copper wire with purple, a green wire, a bare wire, a blue wire, and a copper wire with white. As seen in the pic, the green, bare, and blue are inside another white sheath within the cord.

The headphones support a mic and volume control. The replacement jacks I am using are only three contact. Is it possible to fix them this way? How do I determine which is left, right, ground, and what do I do with the other wires?

I have plugged the jack in with some music on and been touching wires to the contacts, but have had no luck getting any sound from anything.

Any suggestions?