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  1. K

    Headphone/Microphone combo for gaming

    So the situation is this... My G35s broke and I need a new gaming headset, I was looking in the price range of the siberia elite and the Vengeance 2100, however I'm under the impression that I would get both better sound and probably a better mic if I went for a pair of audiophile headphones and...
  2. T

    Best car/home subwooferspeaker under 300 euro ?

    Hello guys i'm searching for a new subwoofer for under 300 euro ( i should like it if i can buy the sub in the netherlands ) minimum reqeusts : +500 w RMS reconigd brand NOT under 12 ''
  3. Silibant

    beyerdynamic Custom One Pro Plus vs Audio-Technica ATH-M50x vs V-MODA Crossfade LP2 Vocal?

    I'm looking at the aforementioned headphones for on-the-go and at-home listening, mainly to video games and trap/EDM/glitch hop. Which one suits my needs best? Price can be considered a factor, but only if audio and build quality are otherwise tied. Thanks.
  4. Asulia

    DAC/Amp ELI5, also what to get with my DT 990's, 250 ohms?

    Hey, So a month ago I've picked up my Beyerdynamic 990's (250 ohms) and I decided to get the best out of it. Now I am whole new to "high-end" audio. So I have no idea what a DAC is or an AMP, read some forums, didn't really help. My budget is around 100-150 euro (110-170 dollar)...
  5. D

    Best Headphone Amp for HD800

    I was thinking that sometime in the future I will upgrade my audio setup and purchase the Sennheiser HD800 headphones, but I don't know what amplifier would be a good choice. Someone recommended the Teac HA-501, but I'm also starting with elecronic music production and I've been told that there...
  6. Krayton

    Question about headphone amps

    I am planning on getting the Audio Technica ATH-AD700X's with my new rig and I don't know what I need for an amp. Yes I know I technically can get away without one, I just want really good quality. I like the Schiit products and was planning on getting the Magni 2 and Modi 2 eventually. Then I...
  7. D

    What equipment is needed for Hi-Fi audio?

    I am trying to get into the so-called "audiophile world," and I wanted some clarification on what components I would need to achieve the absolute best quality audio possible. I already know I would need an amplifier and a DAC (obviously headphones too), but I heard that I might also need a...
  8. S

    Best headphones for 150?

    The highest end thing i have ever possessed in terms of headphones is a razer kraken pro. I want something that makes me feel the music. Something that isolates me from the outside world and puts me in a great crisp audio world. Basically im looking for good noise isolating headphones that...
  9. T

    Did you equalize your sound or just left it at default with whatever software you use?

    I have "Realtek HD Audio Manager" and I've been playing around for the last month with the Equalizer and I just can't seem to be satisfied with anything. I've tried quite a few things but it doesn't seem that it sounds better.. I've been listening with the default non-EQ'ed sound and I've always...
  10. Andross64

    Buying New Studio Monitors - (audio people only please)

    So I produce bass heavy music and I only have 400$ to drop on some decent monitors that will help me get my mixes to that next level. First off I'm going to get all my requirements out of the way so i can get an accurate recommendation... - I don't know if i'd call it a small room but i will be...
  11. M

    Best True 7.1 headset

    Hi everyone, I'm looking for a true 7.1 dolby digital headset for my pc. I am a VERY heavy gamer, so I need a good comfortable headset that also has a crystal clear mic. I would also like it packed full of features like a inline volume/chat control, and a sturdy design that will last for a LONG...
  12. Z

    Good speakers for my desktop - looking for good bass

    I'm looking for a set of speakers (whether that be monitors or HIFI), that I can place on my desk (with isolation pads) that would produce great bass, and high quality audio. I listen to quite alot of Drum and Bass and Hiphop... My budget is around 300 GBP, which is roughly 500 USD I believe...
  13. M

    Beyerdynamic Ohm-age sound difference?

    I'm in the market for Beyerdynamic headphones, but cannot decide on the impedance (32, 250 or 600 Ohms). I will be using the headphones on a desktop, so getting an appropriate amp and/or equipment should not be an issue. I will not be using them for portable devices. I read that higher/lower...
  14. C

    how to connect HT 5.1 to PC??

    here are my specs Motherboard : MSI Z87 MPOWER CPU: intel core i7 4670k GPU: Sapphire Vapor-x R9 270x RAM: 8 gig home theater : LG BLU RAY HOME THEATRE SYSTEM (HALF TALL BOY) BH6330H...
  15. musical marv

    High End Audio

    I sit and read your posts here and I really do not believe you actually understand what high end audio is about or even owning speakers which are considered high end audio.
  16. S

    Astro A40 Question

    Do you need a mix amp for ur astro a40? what does the mix amp even do?
  17. S

    Best Audiophile headphones for 100-200

    Hello I'm looking to purchase my first high quality of headphones for gaming (FPS) and music for PC and also for my phone. I don't want a microphone on it. my price range is around 100-200(no more) i dont have an amp or a dac thanks for the help.
  18. A

    No surround on my ps3 using HK avr 430 help.

    Hello guys, Straight into the problem this this time, i've been having way more problems then i had hoped to have. i've hooked up my Harman Kardon AVR 430 to my tv and my playstation 3. i've got a 5.1 setup; 2 front, 1 center, 2 surround and 1 sub. (yes there all connected right) When i play a...
  19. H

    Sennheiser G4ME ZERO Gaming Headset or Steelseries H Wireless Gaming Headset

    I play on PC , PS3 , PS4 , I need a Good Sound Quality Headset with a Great Bass for watching movies and listening music and specially when i am playing Games like Battlefield 4 ! and i wanted to work best on all platforms ! which one should i go with ? and BTW ! 7.1 Surround Sound is important...
  20. J

    Need audio set up for home use/occasional party

    It's for my brother. He has the following already: 50" Plasma PS3 Macbook (Aged) Iphone Blackberry Z10 The reason i mention these are to ask you guys, with these items already in the house; is it wise to go for a hifi/home theatre system. Or simply to get a set of really good speakers. He...
  21. A

    Looking for help about choosing speakers

    Hi! I have choosen all the parts for my crazy gaming build :) But my left speaker on the logitech z-2300 have stoped working, and I'm looking for a 2.1 or 2 speaker setup for my computer. I will only use them to play music in my 12 m2 room. I'm NOT using them to play video games because I will...
  22. M

    is it worth getting sennheiser hd 598's over hd 558's?

    i plan on getting the asus xonar essence stx sound card as well
  23. M

    Seeking spectacular sound setup

    Greetings, you lovely bunch! I am in the process of building myself a new funmachine. Unfortunately, I have stalled at the sound setup. Through extensive research, I have established that the following criteria are the most recommendable in order to achieve the best overall sound experience: ■...
  24. Q

    Rear surround speaker placement

    I'm looking for some opinions on where to place two rear surround speakers. I want to setup a 5.1 surround sound system for a small 12x12 room. Based on the ceiling layout and attic access, I can think of three locations I can install in-ceiling/in-wall speakers. I've marked the accessible...
  25. WrekCreation

    How to add surround sound setup to your PC?

    Hello hello, not sure if my categories are correct but hay, close enough. Im currently using an Aiwa digital audio system and want to know if i can add my Genius 2.1 speakers too for a more surround sound experience??? Current Aiwa System link -...
  26. G


    Alright, here goes hoping SOMEONE can give me some tips. In a nutshell, to my understanding I've paid £111 for a headset that has a garbage mic - but here is a tad more detail; So, bought a razer megalodon - it's good, 7.1 surround sound it's all good. So i'm gaming it up today, having a ball...
  27. P

    Headphones option

    Hey guys, I have narrowed down whether to buy the Sennheiser Momentum or the Monster Inspiration, which will offers me better sound quality, style. I don't really need noise cancellation because I live in a quiet neighborhood and do not intend to carry them around as I prefer using earphone when...
  28. J

    Connecting speaker wire output from pro monitor to mixer

    hello, i have an edit room in which i am trying to take audio out of a panasonic TH-50BT300 (pro plasma monitor) into my mixing board. it only has speaker wire outputs (weird), so i have a cable that goes from speaker wire to rca then rca to 1/4". when i plug into the mixing board, the monitor...
  29. P

    Best gaming headset for pc

    Hi guys, I am looking for the best gaming headset. I prefer 7.1 surround and my budget is around $150 though if required for better I can make do with $200 budget. I am looking at the corsair vengeance 2000, a guy on craiglist is selling me at $120 is that a good headset in terms of comfortable...
  30. H

    Razer Carcharias cracking/beeping/crunching sounds

    Hello, Yesterday I bought a new Razer Carcharias,but it hasn't been working as it as it should have. I have cracking,beeping and crunching sounds coming out of the speakers.. Every time I scroll my mouse,click it or move it I can hear it beep. But there is a constant crunching sound too...
  31. M

    Lost and need help

    I'm a bit lost here after long day searching for a great headset that can create a rich convenient stunning environment for gaming, listening to music and watching movies I am a beginner regarding sounds/professional headsets so before anything sorry if my questions were too dumb. I'm looking...
  32. T

    PC Gaming Headset Help!

    Hi everyone, I am looking for a high end gaming headset. Ive found a few headsets that Im currently deciding over. The ones i chose are pretty pricey but i dont mind paying for a top of the line/quality headset (comfort & amazing sound quality) for FPS/MMO/RPG gaming & watching movies. These...
  33. xartemporas

    Logitech Z906 - PC (spdif - analog)

    Hello! I just Ordered Z906 speakers today. I am willing to use optical connection, with spdif , from my on board sound chip. My mobo is ASUS P7P55D. On Board Sound Chip is VIA vt1828s 8-channel hd audio. As i looked in specs, it has Dolby Digital Live and DTS connect.. [link is here...
  34. R

    Center Channel distortion when watching recorded TV

    I've recently got my computer hooked up to the amplifier for 5.1. Yes I've checked the wires, in different ways. This issue seems to only occur when playing multichannel audio recorded with 7MC. Depending on the tv-program it'll have different levels of a 'over modulated' sound. In the...
  35. coolitic

    Omega vs Wrath vs Rage

    Talking about the Sound Blaster Tactic3D series, I really cannot find a difference between them (other than price). Can someone please explain the difference between them (in detail)?
  36. meowmix44

    How do I use my GTX 670's audio?

    I have a Gigabyte Windforce 3X GTX 670 OC and I use my motherboard as the audio solution. I use an white and red audio adapter for my 2.1 surround setup which I connect to my 7.1 reciever. How can I use my video card's audio and video? On my GTX 670 I use my HDMI cable to my AOC moniter for just...
  37. Z

    Can I use a tube amp as a dac.

    Hello I'm kind tight on cash at the moment and I was wondering if it's possible to use a fully rectified tube amp as a dac thank you. FACE PALM! Turns out that the receiver I have is just a really good solid state and I am basing this on the quality of the sound it is a marantz 2245 so I...
  38. R

    Best gaming headset for my budget.

    Hello, I am looking for he best gaming headset for my budget which is around $160 I'd like to not go higher but if I have too I will. I know Astro just put their A40 down to $149 but that's without the Mixtape. From my understanding I cant get 7.1 without it so not sure If I wanna get the A40 or...
  39. MeicoPotato

    Good, cheap earbuds?

    I'm looking to buy earbuds, and I know this isn't much, but my budget is $15. I have a gaming PC, and will be using the earbuds for those. However, I'm a musician as well, so I'll probably be using it to listen to music as much as I will be using them for gaming. This is what I'm thinking of...
  40. C

    Need an audio converter

    So heres the situation. I have in my room a Monitor with 2 HDMI ports and built in speakers, speakers that can use either red/white audio plugs or the 3.5mm headphones jack. What the problem is me finding a way to have all my devices plug into my awesome speakers and not use the monitors...
  41. J

    Help with Surround sound system

    Ive recently turned to pc gaming, and i noticed a big difference in my sound compaired with console I used to hears 5.1 perfectly, but on pc its the front 3 speakers are load but the rear ones are barely noticable I tried configuring it but it only allows my choose stereo I have my pc hooked up...
  42. S

    Audio device on high definition audio bus download

    Hello, can you help me how to dowlaod Audio on high Definition Audio Bus
  43. nateO10

    Best low-end pc speakers

    I just picked up a BOSE C5 and just want to know its rival par or better product out there! for $400 i spent i hope i got the best otherwise i have 30 days to return it!!! :D
  44. T

    Home audio replacement speakers

    looking for 4 ohm 5" 80W+ midrange replacement speakers
  45. G

    Ibm audio driver free download

  46. mclovits

    Please Verify The Compatibility Of these Components

    I want to possibly build a small 2-way stereo system for my room, these are the components I have settled on. I am still learning how to select components for speaker projects, I've only done one other project before. I'll probably be making a cabinet for the speakers, something small as size is...
  47. E

    Subwoofer plug

    Hello, My receiver takes bare wire for the speakers but the subwoofer needs a plug. Right now the subwoofer I have is bare wire. What do I need to convert it?
  48. Delengowski

    Speaker comparisons

    Hi, I'm looking to buy a nice pair of floor standing speakers and I've narrowed my searches down to two different models of Klipsches http://www.klipsch.com/rf-82-ii-floorstanding-speaker and http://www.klipsch.com/rf-62-ii-floorstanding-speaker differences between the two? Besides the...
  49. O


    I need a suggestion on which headset should i choose. I will be using it about 80% for gaming 5% For Movies 15 % for music. I need a good high quality headset that are light, comfortable, and a good model at least like a siberia v2 cs go edition. The headset i might get are steelseries siberia...
  50. R

    Hdmi audio problem

    I bought a dvi to hdmi converter and plugged my hdmi cable into my tv i get video but no sound.It says in my device manager that i have the souftware. when i try to set amd high definition audio device to my default playback it says its unplugged while im getting video. i have a hd 7850 graphics...
  51. M

    Best gaming headset to get

    Good Day, I am in the market for what would be the best gaming headset for me to purchase. Good 7.1 directional sound quality and a very good attached microphone are an absolute must. My price limit is €180 Which one should I get? Cheers!
  52. D

    DQ 10-need stands or at least specs or plans

    Hi: I've just acquired a pair of Dahlquist Dq-10s and need stands or at least plans or specs. Any idea where I can get? HZ
  53. dansgas1000

    Edifier S730D - Is it worth it

    I have heard many good reviews on this, I currently have Bose Companion 3 (Don't get me wrong they are pretty good) but they only go to like 40Hz and are not loud enough. These Edifiers are known to shake the room in many cases (Search YouTube :D) Please help and thanks. I only want help about...
  54. A

    Audio Cables and Interface

    Hello, I have a question about some cable connections. I have the M-audio Oxygen 8 V2, the Akai XR20, the Blue Yeti Pro microphone, a computer, and I was even thinking of getting an audio interface like Focusrite Saffire 24 Pro but I'm not really sure if it's the best interface for what I have...
  55. Z

    Headphone Customisation

    Hello I am new to the community and I was wondering if it would be worth while or possible to swap out a better set of drivers from a set of headphones into gaming headset that would be considered 5.1 surround sound preferably the Roccat Kave. Reason why I ask is because I like the overall...
  56. edzilla

    Looking for good bass speakers.

    Hi all! I'm looking to buy some computer speakers - Here's some points that i am looking for: - Looking to spend under 100 bucks. - Best bass I can get, willing to sacrifice some over all quality for more bass. - Just want a straight PC audio plug, no red/yellow cables or adapters required...
  57. M

    Best Headset for a Sound Card?

    Hello, I am looking to upgrade from my Razor Megalodon headset as the mic has died, and I have had them for over a year and just wan't a better quality headset. What would be the best headset to use with a Asustek Xonar Essence STX 2, or a better sound card, I will mainly use them for gaming...
  58. xbread

    Sennheiser HD-280, Audio Technica ATH-M50, or AKG K-240 MKII

    Hello, I'm in the market for getting studio-quality headphones for <$100-$140 for on-the-go listening to music and music production (since I work with electronic music). I'm thinking of getting one of these three, but any feedback or suggestions for other headphones would be great as well...
  59. dansgas1000


    Is the subwoofer in this http://www.edifier-international.com/products/edifier-multimedia/s730 the same as this http://www.edifier-international.com/products/edifier-multimedia/s550?quicktabs_1=5 Thanks....
  60. G

    Xonar ds audio centre download

    Hello, I just bought a used xonar ds audio card, installed it and downloaded the drivers for it. It seems to work ok but without the Audio Centre software that comes with it on the disc (which I didn't get) I have no control of the card. I can't find it on the net - anyone know where I can get...