Jul 28, 2012
Hello guys,

Straight into the problem this this time,

i've been having way more problems then i had hoped to have.
i've hooked up my Harman Kardon AVR 430 to my tv and my playstation 3.
i've got a 5.1 setup; 2 front, 1 center, 2 surround and 1 sub. (yes there all connected right)
When i play a movie or play a game then i hear sound comming from all speakers. But when i try and use a dolby digital 5.1 surround test i hear only the front speakers.

When i looked into this i saw on the display panel of my reciever the surround mode switched. This happens shortly after my ps3 starts up.

(i tried uploading two images of how my display looks as no one seems to get it, but it seems like i can't)

When i start the ps3 the AVR automaticly switches to:
------------------------video1/opt1------------------------------[L] [c] [R]
-----------Dolby digital (switches to->) 3/2/.1 ex-off--------[LFE]
---------------------------------------------------------------------[SL] [SR]

But almost directly after that it switches to:

------------------------video1/opt1------------------------------[L] [ ] [R]
-----------------------Dolby digital-----------------------------------[ ]
-----------------------------------------------------------------------[ ] [ ]

When i play a surround test i hear the L perfectly, i hear the C perfectly and i hear the R perfectly.
But when the rest comes it all comes from L or R.
When i play a normal game the Sl and Sr work fine, just not surround, it switches to logic 7 or something. which is not surround.

The ps3 sound setup is all done correctly. it's set to optical, on
dolby digital 5.1, dts 5.1, linear PCM 2 ch. 44.1 kHz.

i'm doing something wrong so please help me.
If you need more information then just ask me. by now i've read the whole manual twice and still haven't figured it out.