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    Solved! Tv with dts support but home theatre does not support dts

    My tv has dts audio support, but the home theatre that I bought doesn't support dts. Will the home theatre system still play the audio of the movie I am watching?
  2. T

    Connecting mixer to speaker to tv?

    I have no experience with using audio equipment. I'm trying to connect a Allen & Heath Zed 10Fx mixer with Harbinger Vari V2212 speakers. How do I use the right wires to connect all of this? Also how do I connect this to the TV?
  3. N

    Solved! Connecting active bookshelf speaker to active subwoofer

    so i just bought 2.0 active bookshelf speaker (edifier r1000t4) for replacing my old 2.1 speakers. i want to use the old subwoofer from my old 2.1, the sub has aux input and left right output. and the 2.0 speakers has left right input. both are powered (the sub and speaker) is it right to plug...
  4. W

    Sound Card, Should I buy?

    So I know what you're thinking... Why do I NEED a sound card... well that's because my Motherboard Sucks ass, I use a Core i7 3770 and for reference my motherboard doesnt even have USB 3.0 support so along with its many Defects so is its Natural Audio, both the recordings have Hella Static...
  5. L

    Which Speaker to replace?

    Hi fellows, Recently my receiver/amp spoiled as it won't turn on. I have the Sony Cmt Dx400 micro Hifi comes with tweeter and woofer. Left with few options 1. Creative Sound Blaster Kratos S5 gaming speaker 2. Logitech Z623/625 3. Sony HT-S100f soundbar 4. Sony XB20/30 (will be plugging in 24/7...
  6. shiva.ram54

    I have creative inspire 5.1 T6160 how to connect to Vu 43SU128 led tv?

    The speaker has 3 cables and I'm from India so i'd really appreciate if people can recommend me products from any website that sell their product in no other currency than INR because foreign exchange rate for Indian currency is too low (usually). Thanks.... p.s. Would something similar to this...
  7. M

    Absolutely insane static when running games/listening/producing music through USB Audio Interface in new PC

    So over four years ago I bought an Alienware x51, it served me well for a very long time, I used it as my main production/gaming PC until like 2 days ago. I had my two Yamaha HS5s hooked up to a behringer Uphoria 404hd, and that, via USB connected to my PC. I still have that same setup, but a...
  8. P

    Recommend me a good bluetooth speaker

    I want you to reccomend me a bluetooth speaker. I want it to cover my whole room and want it to sound full and big with some bass. Is the JBL Charge 3 the best choice? Should I get something else. Thanks.
  9. T

    Can I use a switch or converter for this?!

    I have an old X540 Logitech system and just got a PS4. I am by no means an audiophile but after using these for so long to play games and watch movies it just isnt the same using TV speakers for my PS4. I have an ASUS Z270E that comes with a decent on board sound card along with a PS4...
  10. A

    Solved! How to connect Phillips home theater to PC? (3.5mm input ports)

    I have Phillips DSP 2800 5.1 and I want to use it with my pc. It has 3.5mm input ports so I bought a 3.5mm male to male cable and connected the center speaker to the green audio port at the back of the pc and it works. So I was wondering if I connect the other 2 inputs from the speaker system to...
  11. K

    How to connect Active Speakers and Actice Subwoofer to the PC?

    Hi all! I am having a PC with a sound blaster Z sound card, and an Edifier R2730 speaker. I would like to purchase an active subwoofer too to have a bit more bass. I thinking about the Jamo Sub 210. Will it be ok with the mentioned speaker? Furthermore how to connect it? Should I connect the...
  12. N

    Using a receiver for PC sound without lag

    I'm experiencing lag with my new setup. It's minor but noticeable when I play guitar through the computer (Rocksmith). There is a fraction of a second delay. When using computer speakers and no receiver, there's no delay. I just bought a Yamaha receiver with 5.1 speakers. I spoke to Yamaha...
  13. L

    Rear and front audio jacks: Can't use both

    Front and rear audio outputs not being registered as seperate: So i've been trying for a few hours to figure this out without any luck. Basically i've got a set of speakers running of an amp plugged into the rear 3.5mm audio jack, and i've got my headphones running of the front jack. What i...
  14. M

    mute mic sounds

    How do I mute or the sounds when I use my microphone to dictate a text message or email or anytime I use the mic. I don't need it to tell me with a sound that I've engaged the microphone or ended my comment. I know it. The little noises that sounds when I click the mic before I speak, and the...
  15. EpIckFa1LJoN

    Better Speaker Placement

    Hello. I'm looking for a way to improve my sound quality, specifically the sub... I have no idea what to do with this thing... Any help would be greatly appreciated It just feels like the bass is lacking. The little sub itself is quite impressive but I am quite sure the carpet is absorbing a...
  16. L

    How to connect passive speakers to xbox one?

    I have an old pair of audioengine A5 powered speakers which I am converting to passive because the internal amp blew out. Once I convert them to passive I wish to connect them to my xbox one and I am trying to figure out the best way to do this. I was thinking connecting via the optical cable...
  17. Ridhwan_1

    can i use blue jack (line in) for use of pink jack (mic in)

    can i use blue jack (line in) for use of pink jack (mic in) because pink jack is broken Sometimes when plug mic in pink jack (mic in) i hear noises in my green jack (line out) and sometimes i can hear my own voice when am talking in the mic. And sometimes i hear nothing but when am talking to...
  18. G

    how to fix audio popping on usb device

    hello i dont know what to do i have now installed a new mobo with a new cpu and now my audio is popping/crackling when i pley music and play games. i check dpc latency and evrything looks fine. update all my drivers, updated bios and check if the problem was the headset. i dont know what is...
  19. D

    Please Help me !!!!

    I Drop my laptop to floor . Next day i start play games and normaly i get 60-100 FPS with medium graphic . Now i get just 5-10 with super low graphic . Please help me how to fix that ? Even the laptop gets very hot when playing games these last days :/ . When...
  20. bob0011

    Getting my PC and phone to output audio into one set of headphones.

    I would like to have my PC, Phone and laptop all output audio into 1 set of headphones. I Presume I would need some sort of mixer to do this, as I would like to change the volume of the devices through the device. My budget is sub £100 but would like to keep it as low as passable. Thanks
  21. S

    5.1 Speakers to TV

    Hey guys..Maybe is this thread already open but anyway :) I bought Logitech x-530 5.1 speakers and I want to hook them with Samsung TV..TV manual says that 5.1 Surround sound will only work with optical cable. So I want to know if there is any adapter or thing that will convert my 3x3.5mm audio...
  22. T

    Solved! Complex Mixer Setup - Need an Audio wiz's help!

    Many thanks for the help in advance! :) My Home Audio setup has changed since my last post about splitting audio output on the PC, which I have solved by adding a sound card into the mix and this now does the job I needed. System Info Mixer: Behringer Xenyx QX1002USB...
  23. iandcn

    Using A USB Mixer As External Soundcard

    Situation: I'm a newbie looking up to get better audio out of my computer. I'm on a low budget and there are very limited items available in my country. I'm eyeing on Behringer Xenyx Q502USB mixer. It has built-in audio interface and phantom power for a mic. I'd like to ask you guys if you...
  24. B

    Hooking up a sound bar to a reciever

    I know the first thing your going to say is don't do this and why. Currently bought a soundbar that only has aux/optical/usb inputs and my tv has none of these outputs. So I decided to run it through the receiver. My current setup is my roku/xbox/bluray go into my receiver inputs. Then my...
  25. 3

    Will Vizio Wireless Subwoofer pair with any new model Vizio Soundbar?

    Specifically, I am wondering if I purchase the base model SB2920-C6 or SB3820-C6 without the wireless sub, and I purchase the sub unit separately that comes with SB3851-C0 (the 5.1 model w/ surround sound speaker inputs on sub), through a third-party like ebay, can I expect them to pair? From...
  26. S

    Steps to install a passive sub woofer to a pc

    i have a samsung ps-wz510 sub woofer speaker system in my house. i want to know whether its possible to connect this to my father says i need to have a amplifier to get this connected.what kind of amplifier does it need and how much will it cost.please explain from the basics when replying...
  27. S

    What are the things to consider when buying a computer audio system?

    im planning to buy a audio system with sub woofers for my computer to play games,watch movies and for playing music loud.But i dont know a thing about audio systems because this is the first time im searching for one.there are so many audio systems out there for around the same price.How do i...
  28. K

    Specific audio output for softwares

    Hey everyone! I'm looking for solution like CheVolume but only found outdated, unstable solutions. Here is the situation: I already have virtual cable I want to specify 2 softwares (shadowplay and random software) one of the virtual cable as default audio cable. Since a lot of software even the...
  29. D

    slight hissing noise when using headphone output on motherboard

    When I use my headphone jack on my gigabyte sniper lga 1150, there is a slight hissing noise that is always there even if I turn down the volume. I have tried to re-route cables and so on but nothing changed. Then I plugged my headphones into my speaker jack and there is no static at all. I...
  30. M

    Does PC read splitter connected headphones as different outputs?

    Hello ;) I was just wondering if PC was reading 3.5mm Y splitter connected headphones (or speakers, a.k.a any audio device) as different outputs, like in device manager? thanks in advance <3 <3 <3
  31. N

    looking for a small but quality sound system for PC

    Hello, I will soon have my room rearranged and I have good flexibility for wiring up a nice sound system into it. The room will have the size of 6.6 x 5.5 = 36 square meters. In the center of it, I will have my desk with my PC, which will be used for watching movies, games, listening to music...
  32. JustGetOwned

    Connect TV to receiver

    I am planning to buy a new Tv and am wondering if I could connect it to my old receiver. This way I can buy some new speakers, probably a soundbar, and use it to play music and home theatre. The speaker I'm planning on buying is the Samsung UE50JU6870U, and the receiver that I've been talking...
  33. M

    How to get PS3 sound through PC

    Hi guys. I recently moved house and now have terrible internet connection so i'm unable to play multiplayer games with my friends. I dusted off my old ps3 and have started playing on it again. I still want to talk to my friends however they have a strict policy on background noise so i cant play...
  34. arges86

    Raspberry Pi to A/V Receiver

    I got a Raspberry Pi for Christmas and I decided to use it as a music streaming device. I installed Pi MusicBox on it and I'm running audio to my Pioneer AV Receiver through an HDMI cable. My question is, will getting a DAC like HiFiBerry or a USB one like this one from Schiit make any...
  35. C

    netbook for basic song recording?

    Hi guys I am looking forward to buy a netbook(asus eeebook) for recording songs and guitar tracks via an audio interface( focusrite scarlett 212). Ill be using audacity or cubase as the recording software. Just wanted to know whether the netbook with intel atom quad core and 2 gb ram be able to...
  36. M

    Music audio system for electronic media, CDs, LPs, TV, etc?

    Looking to set up a stereo system to provide quality music for 3 areas of my home. I'd also like to connect my tv but only for amplification, I am not concerned at all with surround sound, etc. for games or movies. The "Key" is that I want to be able to source music from vinyl, CDs, internet...
  37. S

    Best Amp to pair Pioneer sp bs22

    Hi so recently purchases the Pionner SP BS22 and now i am looking for a good amp to drive these speakers. Does anyone have a good suggestion for amp that i can find on the canadian amazon? Would the lepai LP2020a drive these speakers well or what is a better amp?
  38. S

    Powering speaker and a subwoofer without built in amp

    Hello there, I have this really nice set of bookshelf speakers that i was planning to power with a mini amp like the lepai 2020 etc however i have this AMAZING sounding subwoofer from a home theater that wasn't being using and i want to know how i can power the bookshelf and subwoofer with an...
  39. J

    Dell vostro 15 3000 series laptop headphone jack not working?

    I have a dell vostro 15 3000 series laptop. Untill a few days back, the headphones were giving sound, but suddenly, they stopped working. In control panel it showed headphones connected and device manager also showed the headphone drivers as up to date. There is no problem with headphones either...
  40. L

    can i run 500 watt speakers on a 550 watt amplifier?

    500 watt speakers on a 550 watt amplifier
  41. J

    Headset w/ microphone Help

    Hi, I've gotten a Logitech Stereo Headset H110 for my child. The audio works fine but the microphone doesn't. We got it new, I've checked to see it's enabled on the audio settings and it is. However there is no "boost" option to make the mic louder. We've plugged it into the back and front of...
  42. G

    How to get 5.1 From Soundblaster Z card to my 5.1 Samsung reciever

    Hey so wanting 5.1 sound I put a Soundblaster Z card into my desktop, but am having trouble getting true 5.1 sound to my samsung 5.1 reciever. Hopefully I did not screw up what i needed! The soundblaster Z card has the following ports: Optical In(x1) Optical out(x1) AUX out(x3) Headphone...
  43. R

    Mic picks up speaker noise. (stereo mix not a factor).

    Hello, my mic is picking up speaker noise just like the title says, music echo of friends speaking and I'm stumped. I looked all over the internet and none of the solutions were my solution. So I come here today to see if anyone can help me out. I made a video and I hope it has all the...
  44. M

    Want a "good" 5.1 system for PC gaming

    So I like PC gaming PCMR and all that. I like PC gaming without a headset often. Sweaty ears and not being able to hear anybody around the house gets old. I have a 2.1 system, an old Logitech THX kit though I can't begin to recall the model and such. I would like to upgrade to a 5.1 set...
  45. W

    Surround sound not working

    Hi there, I am currently experiencing some issues with my sound, and would appreciate some help. Since i have read up multiple threads on this, and none seem to work. I bought a new sound system " SW-G5.1 3500" however when playing a music/movie/game, only 1 speaker works. Now i have...
  46. T

    Best car/home subwooferspeaker under 300 euro ?

    Hello guys i'm searching for a new subwoofer for under 300 euro ( i should like it if i can buy the sub in the netherlands ) minimum reqeusts : +500 w RMS reconigd brand NOT under 12 ''
  47. Man1ac123

    I need help with system files?

    Hello guys. Lately my laptop (PC Notebook HP ENVY dv6-7280sp ) takes a lot of time when booting but yesterday something happened. On the task bar on the right side(dont know the name) there are less programs then before. On startup some programs dont start like avg for example. My sound icon...
  48. B

    Should I bother getting a sound card for SPDIF?

    I know this is a subject almost beat to death but I can't really find a definitive answer. So currently I have a Logitech Z506 speaker setup and I'm thinking about upgrading to the Energy Take Classic 5.1 system and a 7.1 Denon Receiver. My motherboard is an MSI 890fxa-GD70 with the Realtek®...
  49. Z

    System audio playing through microphone

    Okay so I've seen others having this problem, but everything I try to fix it doesn't work, it makes playing games in Skype calls difficult and I'm sick of having this problem, I'm using Realtek and most people seemed to fix the issue by clicking the "Separate all input jacks as independent input...
  50. J

    Does a headphone work cwith a 5.1 system

    Hello, i have a 5.1 system, working great, and i am interested in buying a hyperx cloud headset but i dont want to plug and unplug it everytime i use it, can i but a splitter and run the headphones through the same 3.5 jack as the green one of the system. i know that this would work with a 2.1...
  51. R

    Headphones for $100-$80

    What are the best headphones that I can get for $100. I want the headphones to be good for gaming, music, and watching movies. Is the Asus Xonar DG a good sound card for headphones?
  52. Jacob Emmons

    Will an amp on a sound card work well compared to standalone amps?

    I just got a Sennheiser HD 598, and was planning on getting a Sound Blaster Z. Will the onboard amp on the soundcard work well with the 598's? What are the benefits of getting a standalone amp compared to the one on the card itself?
  53. J

    I have a new samsung smart TV and the Bose Solo sound system. Audio and video are out of sync. Help

    I have cable service a Bose Solo sound system and a Samsung series 8 (smart ) TV. My audio sound is out of sync with the picture. Hoe can I fix this
  54. C

    How do I connect a projector through HDMI and over ride the default to play the audio portion through a stereo receiver?

    I am getting audio and video through the projector. I have an Epson Home Cinema 3020 being supplied video through my Dell Laptop. I would like to connect to my Sony stereo receiver, but the default is putting audio to the projector. I do not see output from the projector, so my sense is that...
  55. H

    Looking into new gaming headset, cross platform, seeking feedback

    Hello, I'm in the market for a new gaming headset to use with my PS3 and PC. budget: $70 approximately (if there's something AWESOME for 80 that makes the best 60-70 one look like crap, I'm flexible.) I'd prefer wired at least for PC, I'm told most cross-platform headsets do not plug into the...
  56. A

    Want to PC game at 4k, with true 5.1 through a receiver. Why won't it just work!?

    Save me Community! Goal: To be able to play my games in 3840 x 2160 at 60hz, while also having true 5.1 from my home theater setup. Specs: Chip: i7 4770k @ 3.5ghz OC'd to 4.5ghz Ram: 32Gb Motherboard: Asus Maximus VII Formula GPU's: 2x Evga GTX 980, 4GB VRAM, in SLI w/ both core clocks...
  57. A

    PS3 7.1 Surround Sound System I Only 1 hdmi port on tv

    Ok, I know that I would need a decoder and/ or amplifier to get a ps3 system to play true 7.1 surround sound (expensive). But what I'd like to know is there a any way to play true 7.1 audio off a tv with only 1 hdmi input (which is taken up by the ps3) from a ps3 system. I really don't want to...
  58. W

    SoundBlaster Z Multiple Audio Devices

    Hi Guys/Gals Okay so yesterday I got a Creative soundblaster Z soundcard, I was wondering if anyone knew if I could have both my headphones and speakers connected and easily switch between them using the software etc... Any help is appreciated :)
  59. S

    Extremely low volume with Corsair Vengeance 1500

    Hi. I was having some severe issues with my mic not picking up sound so I went over to the Corsair site and installed the latest driver, 2.0.16. I did this and the software looked considerably different from when I first got it. Was it the 1.1 driver??? Anyway, the software isn't responsive and...
  60. C

    Speaker Wattage??? Receiver channel output???

    Hey guys, So i love my PC, i have spent hours and hours building, upgrading and babying my computer. It now comes time to rig out my PC and Tv with a speaker system but i am a huge neophyte when it comes to audio. I have an oldish Harmon Kardon receiver that outputs 50 watts per channel. Now i...