Looking into new gaming headset, cross platform, seeking feedback


Nov 29, 2012

I'm in the market for a new gaming headset to use with my PS3 and PC.

budget: $70 approximately (if there's something AWESOME for 80 that makes the best 60-70 one look like crap, I'm flexible.)

I'd prefer wired at least for PC, I'm told most cross-platform headsets do not plug into the console directly, but rather use a wireless receiver that either they plug into or gets plugged into the console. I play with a large TV, so distance makes wires an issue. Hence, we need wireless capabilities for Console use.

Sound quality isn't a major concern. They aren't replacing my speakers (yet) so surround sound or anything else excessive is unnecessary, my budget probably inhibits that the most so that may go without saying.

Quality wise, I do need something decent for work beyond talking to friends in-game. I dabble in some voice recording but not enough to warrant a professional standalone microphone.

Now the part where I need real feedback: Microphone quality relative to design. The flexible and/or retractable microphones, as with the Steelseries Siberias, Turtle Beaches and others, versus the fixed, "flip down" style of the nicer Logitech headsets, does that difference in design alone tangibly affect microphone quality, or is it all in how much you spend?

I'm looking at a couple already including the Steelseries Sibera v2. Logitech's G930 also looks nice.. Open to all suggestions.


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