Solved! using USB Audio Adapter & 3.5 mm simultaneously

Jan 8, 2019
Is it possible to have a USB Audio Adapter in use and a headphone jack in use at the same time?
My current situation:
Recently bought a microphone, its connection is a 3.5 mm jack, however my laptop has only one jack, which I'm currently using for my headset. Bought a USB Audio Adapter to put my mic in through it, but the 3.5 mm jack doesnt recognize my headsets anymore. Any solutions? (When I plug in my headset to the USB Adapter the sound quality is much worse)


Oct 29, 2017
I think what's happening is that your computer can only use one sound card at once. When you plug in the USB audio adaptor, that becomes the sound card and therefore the output is diverted away from the headphone jack. I'd say your best bet is to buy a higher quality USB audio adaptor.