Need an audio converter


Dec 10, 2012
So heres the situation. I have in my room a Monitor with 2 HDMI ports and built in speakers, speakers that can use either red/white audio plugs or the 3.5mm headphones jack. What the problem is me finding a way to have all my devices plug into my awesome speakers and not use the monitors speakers. What I want to have plugged into both my powered speakers and monitor are a PS3, Direct TV box, Gaming Desktop, and optionally a phone or extra laptop. I noticed that my gaming PC, PS3, and Direct TV box can all output fiber optic if this helps at all. The other problem is that since my monitor only has 2 HDMI ports that I can never have everything plugged in at once. If theres a magic box that can have 3HDMI's plugged into it and 3Optic cables that outputs all this to a 3.5mm or a red/white audio connectors that would be great. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
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