Mar 3, 2013
I'm a bit lost here after long day searching for a great headset that can create a rich convenient stunning environment for gaming, listening to music and watching movies

I am a beginner regarding sounds/professional headsets so before anything sorry if my questions were too dumb. I'm looking for:

- 7.1 real surround headset.
- can be used for PC, PS3 and Mobile.
- wired
- comfortable and soft on ears.
- isolated (I don't want anybody nearby hear anything).

Only those specs no need for more features or anything else that will make the price +150$. Nevertheless, it would be great if it has two additional features :

- It's not USB powered.
- Audio boost, whether from the pc or from outside.

I just figured out that my laptop sound card is not 7.1 it is 5.1, so I searched a lot for a solution. That was an external 7.1 sound card I found those:

At first I was impressed by
because it's ability cost-wise but I disappointed that it is only USB powered. Because of that I can't use it
on mobile or PS3 but I found these and my question if it can do the job for me (for non Tritton headsets) ? if yes, May you help me find anything like this adapter cable ?

If I get one of the sound card boxes above can I use Gamcom 780 on mobile (with the adapter cable) and on PS3 ? How exactly could I benefit from the external sound card box other than create 7.1 ? Can I use the external sound card with every headset and sound system ?

Lastly, I'm worry if those external sound cards are poor because of the price comparing to the professional internal sound cards

I'm looking for a price between 30$ - 80$ (if there's no such a headphone which I specified above or there is far better one closer to that range, raise it to 130$)

Kind regards