7.1 and 5.1 headsets , which one to buy ?

which one to buy ?

  • Tritton AX 720+

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  • Tritton AX Pro+

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  • Razer Tiamet

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  • Razer Megaladon

    Votes: 1 25.0%
  • Corsair Vengeance 1500

    Votes: 1 25.0%
  • other

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Jan 1, 2013
Hello, I'm currently looking for a 7.1 or 5.1 gaming headset which is compatible with my motherboard's onboard audio. (7.1 CH HD (Realtek ALC892 Audio Codec)

Headsets : Tritton AX 720+ ( 7.1 virtual ) / AX pro+ (5.1 true ) , Razor Tiamat ( 7.1 true ) / Megaladon ( 7.1 virtual ) , or the very cheap corsair vengeance 1500 ( 7.1 virtual )

I'm looking for the best headset which I can use without having to buy a new soundcard, also its a plus if the headset works on my PS3.

also is 7.1 virtual worse then 5.1/7/1 true dolby ? or isn't there much of a difference ?

hopefully you guys can help me out , other suggestions on headsets are always welcome.

Thank you.


Apr 13, 2012
You will get better postioning with dolbyheadphone than a true surround headphone. Dolby headphone is built so that it emulates the 360degrees sounds as we hear them in real life.

Most gaming headphones are not really good to this job, some headphones are better than others to emulate this. Depending on the money you will use its always recomended to go for an real headphone. A gaming headphone use much money on advertising, gimmicky feutures etc so the price of the materials go down. And the ones with true surround have smaller and not so good elements and the technology is not 100% as the sounds smear over each other.

Combine a normal headset with a antlion modmic or a desktop mic or shirt clip, theese are in 90% of the times better in quality and more crisp. Even the 1 or 2 dollar one on dealextreme.


Creative Aurvana Live! 99$ or less, overallgreat and cheap absolute even this one owns all the expensive gaming headphones like tritton, razer.

Audiotechnica AD900/A900(closed) 200-150$ Also really good but lacks bass in the same way as the AKG mentioned under.

Beyerdynamic dt770 150$ Really good but abit to much bass to hear footsteps But more fun.

Beyerdynamic DT880 300$ Really really good at everything, fun but not to much bass. Good in competive gaming.

AKG k/Q701 250$ or less, extremely good for gaming. Not to much bass so you can hear thoose footsteps in competive gaming.

Sennheiser HD598 200$ good aswell and relaxing sound as many call a dark sounding headphone.

As you can see there is really many good headphones you can choose betwean, just be sure if you want open or closed. Open is always best sounding but, you wll hear other noises and other ppl will hear your cans.
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