Upgrading from Bose Companion 3


Jun 1, 2012
Hi guys, about a year ago I got some Bose Companion 3 speakers, they are very great! I just need a little more bass and the mid-tones are quite unbalanced. I have been looking at the following systems:

Edifier 530D
Logitech Z-5500
Corsair SP2500

I am looking something which is considerably better than my Bose Companion 3 speaker set. I listen to Dubstep, House and if I am in the mood bassy hip-hop songs. I would prefer for them to have Treble and Bass controls if possible and my budget is about £220 ~ can be slightly stretched. I really want a POWERFUL sub. I will be using them in fairly smallish room (My bedroom) Please help if you have questions I will edit the post thanks all.


Jun 16, 2006
The most bang for your buck would be to buy a decent (not good) set of bookshelf speakers and a little class t-amp (leipai) to power them, then spend the rest on as big a powered sub as you can find. Just make sure the bookshelfs and the sub are the same brand so they'll timbre match.