My new gaming laptop can barely play games

Jul 21, 2018

I just bought a new Lenovo Legion Y520 with a i7-7700HQ GTX1050 and 4 gb ram and I have windows 10 64 bit installed,but I can not play games at all.
I bought this laptop,so when I go to college,I can play in my free time,because Im not gonna be home a lot,where my normal pc is.
The problem Im having is that no game runs smoothly,no overwatch or fortnite is playable,both of these games are lagging and can only be 'played' in the reeeally low quality's,but with only 10 fps.
My laptop is definitly more powerfull than that,but I have no idea why am I getting these awful fps numbers.
If the laptop isn't giving you what you need of it, and it is new, take it back and get a different one.

Just because they tell you it is a gaming laptop doesn't mean it actually works well for it. Especially with only 4GB of ram.

I also find it rather odd as when I look up that laptop, it says it comes with 16GB of RAM. So why does the one they sold you only have 4?

Here is where I went for the info, on the Lenovo site... [urlExt=]Lenovo Legion Y520 info[/urlExt]
Jul 21, 2018
I know not every gaming laptop is good for gaming,but still,this laptop has a decent cpu+gpu,it should be possible to play games on it
Also,I dont want to sound like an A-hole,i really dont! But you do know there's different versions of the same laptop,right? I bought one where it only had 4 gb
Also also,if you look at the specs on lenovo's site,it says "Memory: 'Up' to 16 GB DDR4 2400 MHz"
Im here to find a solution for my problem,not shit on lenovo.

Will 8gb Ram solve my problems?
Thank you for stating that more politely, as some people don't seem to know how! :D

Yes, I know there are different versions. LOL But without the model number to yours, I could only reference the general info for them.

However, even when I just looked at the details for all the models they list for sale on the site, the lowest I see is 8GB. So that kind of still leaves me wondering.

Yes, 8 would help, but again, without the model info, I don't know the other info for the device. So it could be it isn't only the RAM that is the problem.
Jul 21, 2018
Of course,i understand you can only reference the general info ':D
Legion Y520-15IKBN the name and the model number is 80WK009BHV
I have every new driver with a fresh install of windows 10,so my only guess is that the laptop has some hardware problems,especially the ram.
Oh and about the ram,i didn't bought it from the official site,I bought it from another site thats popular in my country,sooo
Also,if you want,i can link the link where i bought it,where you can see its a version that only has 4 gb ram
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