My next laptop


Oct 24, 2012
hi guys i'm planning to get a new laptop soon

i'm considering few models and would be really happy to hear your comments

1. asus ux51vz
2. razer blade
3.retina mbp 15 ''
4. dell xps 15

i generally expect performance and portability from a laptop. i will play games but also i'm a college student and i need to carry it to some lessons.

other small things that i care about are backlit keyboard,non-glare monitor, a nice speaker and high quality manifacturing

i don't need(want) an optical drive and it's okay if the laptop doesn't have an ethernet port.

the razer blade has the highest performance on gaming i guess, but its primary storage is hdd and i really care about ssd. also 17" is too big i think.

the rmbp on the other hand is great but it has image retention issue which is unacceptable to me. so i dont seriously consider macbook.

dell's graphic card gt 640m is probably not enough for me

asus seems like the best choice for now but its technical support in my country is one of the worst. of course it's not important if i won't need tech support

what do you think about these laptops and what would you offer me from other brands?

my biggest criterias are

height less then 2.3cm
graphic card at least gt 650m
high ssd storage
150 mins of battery life with common uses


Oct 8, 2012
seriously? the Razer blade is your best bet if you want a laptop that meets your criteria.. most laptops that have the GT650m and above are over 3cm in height. unless you want to go ultrabook but it doesn't have the GPU that you are looking for...