Question My pc got a virus yesterday and i deleted everything on the pc and its still not working

Feb 19, 2019
ok so i was trying to download something on my pc and I always turn off anti virus just because I download false positives all the time and at first I thought it was a false positive and then boom my pc froze and then when I went to turn on anti virus it was too late . Then with the virus and protection being off it still said viruses and then i got scared and shut off my pc and disconnected my wifi card from it I need help!


You said you deleted everything on the PC in the post title, as in you installed Windows clean? If not, you need to do some work on cleaning up the system, or just do a clean setup/restore of Windows. You can boot off a virus rescue disk, Avira had one that I used a few times, download it and burn a disk or make a USB boot stick and run that on your system.
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