My wife accidentally deleted her Camera folder in Galaxy S4. Can I recover it somehow?


Aug 16, 2016
My wife accidentally deleted her Camera folder in Galaxy S4. It was not backed up entirely to the cloud. I understand there are ways to recover this. I have tried a few off the internet but they all seem to freeze 90% thru the process. Any other options to get this back?
Well there are ways to 'try' and recover it, however there are no guarantees.

There are a few apps/programs out there that 'may' be able to help you recover the data.

A few of the programs you could try would be... DiskDigger, MobiSaver, Android-Recovery and Tenorshare. They are all data recovery apps/programs. There are many others out there, so check around and see which you would rather try.

One important note though, most of these programs are not free. They may say they are "free" or have "Free Trials" and "Free Downloads". Yet to actually recover your data, and get your files back, you may be have to purchase the program/app. Just so you know.

For future reference, I really would suggest backing up your data to a computer or cloud. Often. Better to spend the time doing that, rather than to be out all that stuff if the phone dies, things get deleted/erased or it gets stolen.