Solved! NAD Speaker not working


Mar 31, 2012
Hi I am a newbie. Finally got out of storage my HiFi which had been stored away since moving house 3 yrs ago, one of the speakers a NAD 8020e no longer works. I tested its continuity across the terminals no resistance, taken the main speaker out and there is resistance, so its got to be the crossover board. The board is a KEF Crossovers / Cross Over Boards SP 2126 A - 110014A.

Can you get a replacement crossover board for this speaker, I don't have the expertise to repair it?
Been told during this lockdown period not to spend loads of money in case it's need to bail out children.
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If it's possible to get the board, your best bet is an eBay search or look for someone that sells a lot of speakers on a site like craigslist. They may be into repairing and collecting speaker equipment and may give you some advice. Also check on some audio dedicated sites and similar.