Name of on-site home tech support service in mid-2000s

Jun 29, 2020
Back in the mid-2000s, I recommended a tech support service that provided a list of techs for on-site home computer repair. I can no longer find it listed. I feel like it was called and then rebranded a name that started with "On". I also have a vague recollection that the former CEO of a major company (IBM, HP, etc) took it over. For example, I could go on and type in my zip code and find techs who listed their skills (networking, anti-virus, etc) and their rates. Their star rating was also listed. I also recall that some techs could be listed as taking a drug test.

Does anyone remember the original or renamed company name?


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I may have been on that list if it extended to the UK but then again, I'm thirty years short of the mid 2000s. :D

Have you run a search of Tom's Hardware where it would have been more helpful than in here.

I've put out a call in the Mods' private bar-room.
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