Weird things going on....


Sep 28, 2016
Hello everyone,

Im not sure where to start so i just will start listing problem, i will try to be clear, bare with me.

I just got a new Nighthawk R7000 Router from Netgear, it was recommended as one of the best as per this forum a couple of weeks ago. I got rid of my ISP's crappy router, and upgraded to 150mb down and 150mb up FIOS internet connection to go along with my new router in hopes to improve my home network, faster PLEX media streaming, better downloads etc.. just an all around high performance network, or atleast it was my goal.

I dont know much about anything when it comes to networking and securing home networks, port forwarding and never had a performance router that i could configure and set up. It seems things continue to be slow, slower P2P, streaming video issues, SLING TV lags, simple websites take some time to open etc. and this comes and goes its not always bad but mostly it is. Something doesnt feel right, the desktop is hardwired to the router and wireless devices are streaming Sling TV and Roku with no lag at all, where as my hard wired PC is which doest make sense to me.

i called Netgear tech support cause i felt settings were not right maybe and i want to get the full speed out of my internet connection and home network for a great fast experience. They remote desktop my PC and the agent tells me there are tons of outside connections trying to come in and connect to my PC and they keep coming, he tried blocking them and no use. Says that i needed to be transferred to a company called Global IT something something and then that person showed me how mu network assistant was not running and all these other things that need to be worked on in order to get my pc safe secure and running at fastest speeds. Said i needed to pay $250 for their AVG techs to do their magic, install a firewall and network security, cloud monitoring system to keep people out of my pc and network. It kinda sounds and smells like BS but im not sure and i need help and advice from you guys about this.

In closing they told me people are connected using my information and internet connection which in turn is slowing me down on my pc.

A little info about my setup :

I recently have been using PIA VPN for about a month, never used one before, i thought i would give it to a try so my ISP and hackers cant see my personal stuff or so i thought. i recently cancelled service with them because i heard IP vanish is better and i am going to try them out soon.

WIndows 10 OS
Ethernet cable is ran directly from FIOS ONT to my router.

Thank you all for listening and any information or advice will greatly be appreciated.


Nov 2, 2015
Something does not sound right.

I'd confirm you actually called Netgear.

I'd also immediately disconnect that router from your system. If I remember correctly FiOS already comes with a wireless router built in.


Sep 28, 2016

Yes something doesnt add up, im not sure if that was some bogus number someone put online for netgear tech support because as i kept declining that steep price tag with no hesitation the guy kep saying ok we can do it for $200 ... then i said no thats too much,m then he said ok $100 dollars like this is insane.

Im using my own router because the FIOS one is horrible, and i did not want to continue paying a rental fee on crap hardware.

Disconnect the router ? how will i use the internet then ? if anyone could give me further instructions and details to look futher into this matter that would be great. i feel like my network and internet connection are being taken over or something and i have no idea how to check, or what to do to fix/prevent this. I just want my router/network to be optimized to max performance and download speed with privacy and security for only the eyes of people who live in my home, so i can have peace of mind.

Thank you

Thank you
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