NASA Bombs the Moon and Finds Water

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Jan 22, 2009
[citation][nom]Kingssman[/nom]Good for them for finding water on the moon. but I doubt its anything to sustain a station, let alone have enough water to fill a well. Besides, problems with the moon base is its 3 days away (more distance time) its low gravity (still suffer muscle deteriation without having a benefit of weightlessness in construction) if located on the south pole near the water source it wont get as much sunlight as the on the light side of the moon. The moon only serves as a 2nd launch pad or a place to mount radio telescopes. It would prove to be more difficult to maintain and resupply than a space station. Course space stations have that problem of getting sucked into earth's gravity.[/citation]

Well... I remember watching a program on discovery program they took moonrocks from the luner landing missions (apollo) and extracted water from the dust. I think the moon would be a better base than the ISS (International Space Station). At least you could just keep adding on to it. Not to meantion not having to worry about space debris from hitting it, lots of that crap around earth. Being on the side facing earth you would be protected more from meteors.

Also they have exercise equipment to prevent muscle deterioration.


Aug 15, 2006
Thats pretty cool.

I still remember this one NASA guy... "if there were gold bricks on the moon, we could not afford to get them"


Dec 2, 2007
Its not about bringing stuff here. Its about leap frogging from planets. You cant remove or add large amounts of mass from/to astral bodies or youll alter the orbit. Large scale mining on the moon for the purpose of bringing it here would alter the mass of the moon, changing the tide patterns on earth and altering our weather perminetly.

Think about it, ALL of the tech we have today is built ont he back of our last moon journey. The past 40 years has just been about making the tech smaller.


Aug 18, 2008
[citation][nom]wildwell[/nom]Mission accomplished! But why was this story so late on Tom's?[/citation]
Actually this news is more recent, because they've finished analyzing the data they collected weeks ago.

[citation][nom]manos[/nom]Im dissapointed actually that they found water. I see no good coming out of this. If ppl were capable of taking advantage of something without ruining it they would take care of the water here on earth for starters. Only thing I can think of is ending up ruining the moon. Safest bet.[/citation]
Ruin it for what?

[citation][nom]tenor77[/nom]I disagree. My Far Side off the wall calendar ends on 12/31. Gary Larson obviously knows that worlds going to end![/citation]
Well, that's different then. Everybody knows Larson likes science a lot! :)


Nov 27, 2008
you know didn't we already go through a bunch of this world ending crap when we came to the year 2000, remember when everyone thought that the computers could not handle the move from 1999 to 2000 and that all the nukes in the world would launch and destroy us. or something along the lines of that. well at least peter and the griffins found a twinkee factory. once again its a bunch of crap. well during that time i will be stuck in saudi arabia. and nobody is worried here.


Well, at long last now they have water to make concrete with on the moon. They can ship up some remotely controlled construction robots and build us a hotel. Just think how much fun the guys at JPL will have with only a 3 second command lag instead of the 45 minutes Mars takes to see their command occur. "Fly me to the moon and let me play among the stars..." ;o)


[citation][nom]ProDigit80[/nom]The percentage water/dust will probably be so low, that it's nearly a fulltime job digging for water, while here (on earth) it comes for free.[/citation]
Dunno about you, but I pay for water. Seawater is free. Fresh water is being used past capacity in some areas of the world.
This has nothing to do with the Moon, just responding randomly.
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