News NBC is reviving this canceled TV show after almost 30 years

May 7, 2022
This is amazing news!!

I wrote this a year and a half ago. It'll be interesting to see if it's anything like this....

“Theorizing that one could time travel within his own lifetime, Doctor Samuel Beckett stepped into the Quantum Leap accelerator and vanished. He emerged to find himself trapped in the past, facing mirror images that were not his own, and driven by an unknown force to change history for the better. His only guide on this journey was Admiral Al Calavicci - my father. As an observer from his own time, he appeared to Doctor Beckett in the form of a hologram that only he could see and hear. And so Doctor Beckett found himself leaping from life to life, striving to put right what once went wrong, and hoping each time that his next leap would be the leap home….”
Admiral Alexis Calavicci paused a moment, took a drink of water, turned to the next note card and continued her speech, "As my father had exhaustively documented, this continued for several years with a few VERY close calls at returning Doctor Beckett home until, one day, their connection was unexpectedly severed. The neural tether which linked their minds across time and space degraded and their connection was lost. We had speculated that Doctor Beckett was left adrift, continuing to leap but without guidance and without support. All attempts to restore contact failed, in large part due to bureaucratic efforts to shut down the project." These words were met with hostile murmuring from the older members of the body present, and she subtly restrained a devilish smirk.
"In the end, those efforts succeeded. Project Quantum Leap was shut down, scrapped, and Doctor Beckett was pronounced missing - assumed to be deceased. It was believed to be the end. However, we are finding mounting evidence today of instabilities in the fabric of time and space. With what was learned during Project Quantum Leap, we've been able to track and document disruptions which go unnoticed to the casual observer. On September 11th, 2001, the death count WAS 3,393 - now history records that number to be 2,977. A large number of terrorist incidents afterwards are no longer public record including a nuclear disaster in Colorado. Now - it never happened. All of this sounds quite positive, naturally, however reality is unraveling around us while we're completely unaware."
Behind her, a video began to silently loop - an image of fantastic, cataclysmic destruction. An entire city leveled to the earth for miles around. Overhead, an onyx black schism hovered.
"This is what's left of downtown Mexico City. Last week, a rift opened over the city for approximately four hours and the resultant energy released at its opening decimated the city. The death count is still being measured. This is the third such rift discovered - the two before having occurred over uninhabited regions.
We believe Doctor Beckett is still out there, and is still altering the past... but without guidance. Before, our supercomputer Ziggy would run countless projections and scenarios, minimizing unintentional impact and preventing disastrous paradoxes.
We MUST reestablish contact with Doctor Beckett at all costs!"