Need a cheap CS:GO/LOL Laptop to take to school

Reis Chestnet

Mar 20, 2014
As the title says I need a new laptop. I move in August 3rd, I must have the laptop with me by then. My budget will be approximately 400-600$.

I love to play CS:GO and sometimes play LOL with a work friend. I play CS:GO ON 12XXx7XX with low settings except for global shadow quality (high). I wouldn't mind having to lose some quality in LOL and play on low for everything. I want both games running 60+ fps ( if it can go higher I would like the display to be able to use the extra fps).

While I prefer a bigger screen it isn't a necessity. If it is possible I wod like a computerI could use Nvidias geforce experience to change digital vibrance on, but I understand with budget It might not be possible. I prefer Windows 10 but could upgrade from8/7 if need be.

Tried looking on google, but everything seems to be really old(early 2015-2014), Thanks for any help.