Need a used laptop, CPU Hierarchy?


Sep 10, 2012
I just got a "promotion" that requires me to be mobile at work and to have computer access. I have my Desktop at home but now I'm looking at getting a used laptop. I don't need anything fancy (discrete graphics or ssd), I just need functional.

The problem is right now my funds are very limited. I can't afford a new laptop, even with the deals going on. My max budget is $200. So I've been on eBay and my local Craigslist (Southern California) but I don't really know what I'm looking for.

I'm not asking anyone to "find" a laptop for me, I'm asking for a breakdown of the CPU's. I'm mostly finding Core 2 Duo's, Centrino's, Netbooks with Atom CPU's and a couple AMD's (Turion's & X64's). Can someone breakdown the possible choices for me?