Need a VR ready pc


Aug 10, 2017
Before I begin, I should note that I am not a computer nerd. I have to look up acronyms like HDD, CPU, etc. So please idiot-proof any responses to my question! :D

I've had the same computer since 2008. It's a Dell Inspiron 530S. It's been lovely and we've had lots of good times together, but it's had various issues for the last year and the motherboard finally gave out last month.

After looking around for replacement parts, I figured instead of splashing out ££ on more upgrades, I may as well bite the bullet and just buy a whole new computer. So now I'm on the hunt for a new machine to last me another decade, and seeing as this forum is full of very wise tech savvy people I was hoping to get some suggestions (since I have no idea what most of the spec details on computer sites really mean).

I'm looking for a pre-built tower PC, as I don't get on with laptops and really don't want to be trying to construct a computer myself (as I have no idea what I'm doing). I also find towers tend to stay cool more easily.

I am an occasional keyboard gamer (we're talking games like WoW or indie stuff). So although I won't notice if the graphics aren't top spec I do want games to actually run (many of the ones I download on Steam these days refuse to). I'm also very keen to get a VR set up, as I've been waiting for VR since childhood. So I want something that will work with a VR headset and those treadmill things (I'm planning to use my computer like a gym workout - I want to run around in games every evening)! Even better if the headset and treadmill come with it.

Other than gaming, I just need it for basics like Microsoft Office for work, Youtube and emails.

Can anyone suggest a good computer I can order and use pretty much 'as is'? The VR computers I've seen all seem to start around £1k (minus the treadmill - I'm guessing these come separately and are at least £1k like a regular treadmill), although I'm not set on price. Obviously, the cheaper I can get, the better. But as this will last me for the next decade and replace a gym membership, I don't mind paying more. I mainly just want it to be able to work with VR headsets and treadmills once these are more mainstream.


Dec 8, 2012
If you want to dive into the world of VR gaming, look for a GPU like the GTX 1060 or RX 580 minimum. (GTX is Nvidia, RX is AMD). Those are the minimum spec GPUs you need for VR. Ideally, a GTX 1070 would be best. The upside to these GPUs are that you won't have any issues running games for their graphics at 1080p.


Feb 15, 2014
Ok so you seem to be sort of "money no problem" but without the needs to go spending silly money on your PC. If for example you were to go to something like you will see they have a specific catagory of VR ready machines with a low-high range to them. From your description of needs I am sure you can get by with a mid range 1k machine. They even have one with a HTC VIVE for 1800 off the shelf which I am sure is a good start for you. Heck if you want to throw money at it they have lots of options you add/swap/remove too....



Well, OP seems to be in Britain, so probably won't be buying from CyberpowerPC.

I can't give too much advice on prebuilts, since I don't really shop for them and especially not in another country. But do watch out for low-quality power supplies, that's a corner they cut too often.


Feb 15, 2014
"if for example.."

... Whatever.... CyberpowerPC AKA The VIVE bundle exists there too. It's not my recommendation, merely an example of what is available off the shelf for someone who has the inclination to buy prebuilt rather than build one of their own like you or I would do, Sakkura. As ever, reading reviews of your chosen supplier will serve you well, BritBit.
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