Need advice on choosing between an Acer and an HP laptop


Jul 12, 2017
Hello! I need to buy a laptop which I'll mainly use for programming.
So far, I've found two laptops that meet my requirements: an HP ProBook 450 G4 and and Acer Aspire F5 573G. They both have an i7 7500 Intel processor, 256GB SSD, 8GB RAM. However, the Acer laptop has a dedicated GPU: Nvidia 950M GTX with 4GB, while the HP laptop has no dedicated GPU. I'll be using Linux as my OS, so I don't really know if the dedicated GPU will be of much use to me.
Can you please help me decide which one to buy?

Acer laptop:
HP (without the GPU in the specs):
well personally i will be choosing the acer aspire.i mean even if you dont really need a dedicated gpu,but it will come in handy once u need it.