Question Need Advice Regarding Indoor TV Antenna reception


Jun 18, 2004
I'm in need of some advice in regard to Indoor TV Antenna's and reception.

Normally I would watch my local channels via DirecTV however they are currently in dispute with both my CBS and NBC channel owners and access to these channels has been suspended. In the past when this has happened to me on DirecTV and Dish I've just waited patiently until someone gives and reception is restored but this time around my patience has not been rewarded and I see no end in sight so I'm considering installing an indoor antenna to pull in the locals as a temporary measure until the dispute is over but I'm in need of some advance.

My situation is this..... My TV sits along a long westward facing wall and the and the nearest window is on another wall many feet away from the set. The wall that the TV is on is an outside wall to the house and the wall outside is brick. I have no capability to run a new coax from the attic to that wall and my wife would shoot me if I bored a hole to the outside to access an outdoor antenna so I would be limited to an inside antenna only. Second restriction from the wife is that nothing that would be visible shall be attached to her painted wall. So, in summary, I'm limited to an indoor antenna that pretty much has to be hidden behind the TV itself and not attached to the wall. As previously mentioned, the wall where the TV sits faces west and the local TV channels I would need to bring in are mainly southwest of my location and all withing 35 miles.

Given the above, is it even feasible that an indoor TV antenna will work for me? If so, can any of these antenna's be taped our mounted to the actual back of the TV as opposed to being attached to a wall or window? Will I need an amplifier and does anyone have a recommendation on which antenna will best meet my needs?

Thanks in Advance for any advice.
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