Need Cooling Pad for my laptop


Jun 22, 2012
Hi all. I have an Alienware M14xR2 and my CPU has been running hot recently, upwards of 70 degrees Celsius (I got these numbers through speccy). The graphics card and other components are fine below 50 degrees, but that CPU is pretty hot so I want to cool it down. I think it's been affecting my fps in games as I've noticed the fps drops after using my PC for a while. SO I'm thinking of getting a cooling pad to help fix this problem. It's a 14 inch laptop so it needs to fit that size. I also want the cooling pad to be really quiet and be USB powered. Also don't want it to be ludicrously expensive either. Based on that would you guys have any recommendations? I was looking at one these ( so I was wondering if you all know anything about these particular cooling pads. They seem pretty decent.

I'm also looking into getting a wireless mouse pretty soon. I play a lot of league of legends so I would like to get a gaming mouse with decent performance and that is comfortable. I'd also like one where I change the DPI as well. One issue that I'm having with the crappy mouse I have now is that my hands are really sweaty so they leave a disgusting grime on the mouse after I'm done using it. From what I've read some mouses breathe better than others so if there's a mouse out there that would alleviate this problem that would be great as well.

Thanks in advance for any answers guys.