Need help choosing


Jan 13, 2013
Dear All,

I am practically a newbie in choosing the best laptop for my budget, especially because there are a lot of option that are not worth the money. Need your advise to help me choose.

1. Alienware M14x R2
2. Gigabyte P2542G
3. Asus G55VW S1193H

They are all at the same price range in my country ($ 1700).

I also got an offer on a HP elitebook 8570w, for around $ 1500.

The main purpose for the laptop would be running simulations, CAD, and sometimes games. Portability is a big issue for me, therefore I have only looked in the 14 - 15.6" categories.

Could you list the above mentioned laptops based on the best price-performance criteria? Or else, another laptop that fits that sorts of price range?