Need help finding suitable laptop screen replacement


May 23, 2017
This is my first post here, so I hope I'm in the proper section. I took a quick search in the forums for my laptop model, however didn't see anything, so thought I would make a post.

I have an Asus 2-in-1 touchscreen laptop that I just broke the screen of the other day. The top right side of the screen took the most damage, but long cracks webbed down to the bottom of the screen as well. Touchscreen functionality still works in the left side of the screen, however the middle and right side are no longer functional for touch-input.

Though the cracks are the worst in the upper right, the screen is still completely viewable, however I know I can't keep it like this. Asus quoted me a ridiculously high amount, and I am decently knowledgeable with computers, so I'm rather confident I can do a screen swap myself. The issue is, I'm having the hardest time actually finding which screen is compatible with mine.

My laptop model is Q552UB, however I can't really find out what general series this is from. Asus' website HAS a Q-Series of laptops, but I couldn't find this specific model in there.

My main concern is that I want to find a screen that, aside actually being COMPATIBLE with my laptop, also has the same functionality, quality, etc. Though I do have computer experience, I have never personally replaced a laptop screen before. So I'm not sure if the compatible screens will be the same quality, if I need to worry about whether or not they support touchscreen capabilities, etc. And was wanting to receive some advice

To sum it all up:

I'm curious as to where I can find a compatible laptop screen replacement for my Q552UB model Asus, and want to make sure that aside fitting my laptop has the same quality, same touch-screen capability, and is as close to the original as possible.

Thanks for the help,


EDIT: As I've said before, I have very little experience with laptop screens (mainly their composition, that is), and have just realized something that makes me worried. The cracks on the screen go outside of the virtual screen area, itself, and it looks like one of the cracks webs around the glass where the camera is housed. I've attached some pictures to allow a better idea of what happened, however now I'm concerned that this might not simply be a screen replacement, but something else altogether.

Picture 1

Picture 2 (camera)


May 23, 2017
I suggest measuring it first off, just so you know the dimensions of the screen you need. I am not a huge laptop expert myself, but online shopping is always good. Most of the time its very cheap. If you don't like online shopping, head into a bestbuy, etc. somewhere, they can most likely help you. I recently bought a very cheap ASUS laptop, and it has a 4k screen, so ASUS screens can be pretty pricey I feel. If it all comes down to it, I'd go with ASUS and then spend that extra buck, just incase. Hope this brings you closer to a solution.


May 23, 2017

That was one of the reasons I added the pictures. After inspection of the crack, it seems solely superficial, and the LCD underneath seems to be working fine. I ordered a Torx set so I could take apart the screen and examine it closer, however those won't be in until Thursday. One of the largest issues I had was that I simply didn't know all the components that make up a touchscreen laptop's screen. After seeing the link you sent, it seems that the culprit is likely to be just the digitizer, thankfully. As soon as my Torx set arrives, I will pick apart the screen and see if it fits the digitizer for sale at the link you sent me (I know it states its for the Q552UB, but you never know), and further inspect to make sure that there is no further damage.

The largest issue I had (as im sure most people do with these types of things) is simply trying to find the right replacement for the laptop, however that website seems to do the job well.


May 23, 2017

Unfortunately, the price quote for both BestBuy and ASUS CS was wildly expensive as compared to buying the parts myself (nearly 7x the cost, to be precise). At that point, I would be spending half the original value of the laptop when I purchased it, hence my desire to try to fix the parts myself.

Best of luck! Hope the repair goes smoothly. :D

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