Need HELP im lost

Aaron Dean

Oct 18, 2013
Ok so ive been using motionjoy just fine for awhile now. But today when i tried to play bf4 my controller was acting funny. buttons were not performing the functions they should, some were doing different functions and others wern't doing anything at all, so i tried to reinstall motionjoy same problem. So then i went to install updates on my computer and saw one important update for ASMedia XCHI Controller. I tried updating but constantly getting 80070103 error. Also logged onto world of warcraft and noticed my mouse was functioning weird in much the same way as my ps3 controller. At this point im clueless as what to do.


Nov 27, 2012

Kindly I ask your attention.


Is it installed on a pc?

What system do you have installed?

x32 or x64?

Software versions that are needed for it?

Start your browser, search with different search engines and use different phrases:

80070103 error

ASMedia XCHI Controller 80070103 error

There you will find a lot of links to go for, like:

When nothing helps, try next:

Create a backup of the system the way it now is.

Deinstall all what has to do with it and restart, reïnstall it all one by one and restart. Preferly restart after each installation.

When it doesn't work, restore your system to a restore point before the one you made yourself and give it another try.

When it doesn't help, restore to the one you made. All the same and no changes.

Let us known how and what, and we might help you further with your issue when it's not solved.

Hopefully I let you known enough, that you will find the answers you seek.

Good luck and have fun doing it.

Best Regards,

Dec 18, 2018
To avoid any future threats to your computer it is always advisable to keep your system always updated. Installing Windows Update regularly is an essential part to keep your system error free. But many a time you end up with some error code pop-up on your display instructing about error code 80070103 on Windows Update. We understand it is quite frustrating seeing the error when you don’t know how to deal about it. Well, friends, Devicetricks have brought you some preventive measures to fix error code 80070103. But prior to that let’s get know what is this Windows Update error code 800070103.

What is Windows Update error code 800070103?

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