Need help installing drivers


May 22, 2013
My moms computer (dell inspiron n7110) wireless stopped working. I went over to the dell support page and found all the drivers and downloaded them. Put them on a USB drive and put it in a port on her computer and clicked it. That's where the problem starts. I would click on a driver and it would tell me to just save it and not to download it. I tried saving one but it didn't do anything.
Did I save the drivers wrong? ( I just dragged and dropped) or do I have to do something else once I have it on the other laptop?
Thanks for any help.
You can go into Device Manager and right click on the hardware you want to install drivers for, select "update drivers", select "have disk" then select the driver from the USB drive.
If you can hardwire her internet connection, you can uninstall the Wi-Fi driver and restart the machine which will cause it to search for (and hopefully locate) the driver online.