need help on desktop build


Mar 22, 2021
I cant seem to find a category for desktop build, do give me the link to post if that's one~
Would like to ask as the last time I was into pc was win R5 3600 was the most worth it middle range at that time and ryzen was better than intel.
now would like to ask to recommend a budget and powerful build for around USD 530 to USD 633 including monitors.
have no bias on intel or ryzen. any best budget would do.

  • would probably game but not so high end, probably 1080p only.
  • would need at 27 inch monitor
  • casing would prefer have usb 3.0 on top probably 1 to 2 port.
  • for ram I guess 2x8gb ? ( not fan of RGB)

ps : it will be my first time gaming, the last game I played was Dota 1. Would like to get the best experience :D

Thanks Everyone :)