Need help permanently Removing running Malware

Dec 10, 2015
I have had my pc for a couple years now (Windows7) and it runs super slow. i recently discovered that my My Mc Afee auto updater was suspended by whatever malware i have. Please help my cpu security has already been compromised so i dont know how much time i have to get the virus(es) and/or malware.


Sep 3, 2009

Many viruses these days will disable your AV and replicate itself in subfolders while using names from legitimate files and programs in attempt to hide from AVs. One advantage we have is most viruses I've encountered hide within the C:\Users\<user_name>\AppData folder and subfolders, and in doing so they reveal themselves as malware and viruses. No "real program" will run from this hidden directory in the user profile and AVs are programmed to detect this kind of behavior and clean those files. If you create a new user or use a different user profile the viruses typically lie dormant and are only active when using that one user profile. Run your AV scans from this other user account.

That said download two additional free antivirus software. As stolennn1 mentioned, install Malwarebytes, but also install Superantispyware. Once installed, run all 3 antiviruses at the same time. After the first round, reboot to clean your system as needed and run all 3 again. Do this until the scans no longer detect any viruses (usually only takes 1-2 rounds). I have used this method on dozens of work computers and only once encountered a virus that was replicating itself in already cleaned folders and required a clean install. Some viruses are getting sophisticated, so pay attention to key words in the AV log files. Take time to search through your registry to thoroughly clean your system as virtually ALL AVs miss remnants in the registry. Using <ctrl + F> in the registry will open the find window and you can search for those key words.

One last thing: often most AVs don't detect malware that only modifies certain browser settings. Since these malware typically doesn't cause the web browsers programs to behave differently they will get by the AV scans. These are a nuisance and typically only modify search, bookmark, and home page settings. These require manual removal in a similar manner as combing through the registry. If you come across these ("spiggot" comes to mind) take a deep breath and Google how to remove them as they often require searching through hidden browser settings and the registry.

Hope that helps.
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