Question Need help setting up secondary audio setup

Aug 1, 2019
Hi. im having a brain overload as im trying to setup my secondary audio station. So i have a pc, and would like to have that pc constantly running music/youtube/whatever. This tv would be hooked up to a pair of speakers/amp. What is everything I would need to connect it all properly? So far I have

Speakers to amp: banana cables running from speaker, to amp input. from there, it would be cable running to tv, so RCA? Then pc would be connected to TV via HDMI. Maybe im messing all this up here. Im used to strictly: pc->amp/dac->headphones. New to speakers/tv setups. If someone could pm me I could provide the amp/speakers/tv models and maybe you could run me through it all. It would be greatly appreciated!. Thanks so much
Sounds like the simplest way is
  1. Connect PC to TV with HDMI
  2. Connect PC analog audio output to amp/speakers
If you have other AV sources then you could connect them all to the TV and get the audio from the TV. If that TV doesn't have analog/headphone audio output and the amp doesn't have an optical audio input then a DAC would be needed.
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