Need help with a final verdict


Jan 4, 2014
After a on the spot purchase, I bought this laptop at costco ] HP ENVY 15t Quad TouchSmart Laptop [/url]
It runs perfectly, but im not sure if it will hold up over the next few years for gaming. I don't consider myself a hardcore gamer but I would enjoy playing the next few years of games smoothly on the lowest settings. Feature wise, I think its awesome for $800. The only downside is its integrated gpu, which doesn't seem to be that bad.

Alternatively I was looking at similar laptops in the same price range and found this
Lenovo IdeaPad Z710
This is not the exact one, but the specs are the same and costs the same as the Envy. However, this would need to get shipped and im not sure if its worth the hassle if I find out that it sucks. Not much else to say about it besides the better screen.

Is it absolutely worth returning the Envy and getting the other one shipped if I intend to run newer games? I really dont care much for quality but I do want to spend time with friends. I have no idea how well integrated graphics hold up over time, so input would be appreciated. Thank you.
Well integrated graphics are still not quite there when it comes to gaming.

I would say you still NEED a discreet card like that Envy to run newer games.

Boss Cat Johnson

Dec 15, 2013
I would go with your second choice because of the dedicated GPU. Its not a very powerful one but it will be a lot better in gaming then Intel integrated graphics. If you can return your other laptop i would say go for it.