Question Need Help With Smart TV and A/V Receiver - Audio Problem

Jul 26, 2019
The question will be in detail below - but I figure giving my set-up first will help. The gist of the question concerns audio not going from the TV to the receiver.

Here's my setup:
TV - Vizio V-Series - Model V435
Marantz NR1403
LG Blu-Ray Player

I am not running cable TV/sat - I am cord cutting.

The new component is the TV.

Here's how I have the HDMI cables running:
LG BD into Marantz
Marantz connected to Vizio via ARC

Here's what is working:
I set my Vizio to HDMI-1... I can then play a BD and see the video on the TV and hear the audio through the receiver.

Here's what's not working:
When I use the Smarcast "input" setting on the TV to watch something that originates on the TV - let's say a free app that comes with the TV or Netflix - I can see the video and I can hear the audio through the TV only, but no audio comes through the receiver.

Any ideas? I have tried changing audio settings on the TV and on the receiver.

The TV does not have an "ARC" out setting (though there is an ARC HDMI port on the TV, which is how I connect it to the receiver. I even tried connecting an HDMI cable between the TV's HDMI-2 and the receiver's HDMI-2 (while also leaving the HDMI cable connected between both components ARC port) and the setting the input on the receiver to HDMI-2, but there was still no audio.

I called Vizio and the guy said call Marantz. I haven;t tried calling Marantz yet, because I figure their response will be "the new component is the TV, so call Vizio).
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