Need suggestions on equipment to include in live streaming audio / video system

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Dec 16, 2010
We are a small church that wants to install an audio / video system. Our goals are:

Enhance church sermons by showing live and recorded web content
Network this system from the sanctuary to an adjacent community room
Live stream our sermons to our web page so members not able to attend can watch
Record sermons and post to our web site for later viewing

This is what we think we need:

Surround sound audio system
Remote controlled cameras and video projectors
Projection screen
Wireless microphones
A mixer
UPS with surge proctor

We will hire a professional to install all equipment. Just looking for suggestions on necessary equipment so we buy what is needed and not buy equipment that really won't be used much.


For something more then just a standard home theater in a box surround system that you buy at walmart, there are many variables and your church layout and aucoustics play a large roll.

What might be a great device in theory can be horrible for your specific situation, or horrrific installation process due to some obstical.

Thus it would be better if someone local made the hardware recomendations.


Jun 1, 2016
hei my name is Daniel, come from Indonesia. just for friendly advice.

at my church, i ask some of the teenager to operate my 4 camera, and i become their video mixer director, and i think that it will be more blessed to us and the community if the operational person come from our people at church.

thanks!! GBU..
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