Need to design a website, need some advice.


Jul 8, 2012
Hi, I work as a computer technician and eventually I would want to have my own website for my business. The problem is that I know almost nothing about web design in general but since I work in the computer field, I can get to learn about anything without too much difficulty. My intention is to build only a website for my business but not to offer any web design service at all.

Now Im looking to learn to use a WYSIWYG application and I am willing to spend let say about 30 to 60 hours to learn from a book or any other source.

The only web design application that I know is Adobe dreamweaver, and I have no idea if it is a good tool.

So my question is what would you guys suggest to me would be the best WYSIWYG application that I should start learning and that will allow me to build a nice well looking and professional website without having to learn too much things since it is really not the field I am working in but still I am really serious about learning that.

Any advices is greatly appreciated, thanks


Dreamweaver is "OK". But the real part about "build a nice well looking and professional website" is vision. A great website can be built with Notepad. A crappy website can be made with the best, most comprehensive WYSIWYG tool out there.

Many hosts have their own built in tools. Wix, or for instance. You might want to get your feet wet with the design aspect at one of those, before building something from scratch.

What might this website be used for?


Aug 27, 2012
As USAFRet said, Dreamweaver is an acceptable tool, but there are certainly much less expensive alternatives. I know quite a few hosting websites that offer a way to design websites to make them look professional. Seeing as how you aren't interested in learning the code for future reference, going with a built-in utility like this on a website would probably be your best bet.

If you don't mind spending some money, there are several services out there that can make sure the website is well-done. My own personal opinion and suggestion is to go with GoDaddy for hosting and to use their website building utilities. I used Yahoo's utility many years ago and was less than thrilled with the result, but from what I've seen of GoDaddy's resources, you could make something visibly attractive and functional without the cost associated with that. Good luck!