Question Need to Find Replacement Audio Jack for Vizio TV

May 16, 2020
First, to introduce myself, I am a retired video/audio repair tech. My problem is this: I have an older Vizio M3D460SR TV. The audio output jack has started to malfunction. The jack output is connected to my stereo. The other day, the audio suddenly began randomly switching from my stereo, to the TV speakers, and back again. My initial suspicion was a bad solder connection. So, I opened-up the TV, pulled the main board, cleaned all of the old solder off of the jack terminals, and resoldered them. However, the intermittent problem persists. My only conclusion is that the jack is bad.

Unfortunately, I have been unable to find a part number, so that I can order a replacement. I have trolled the internet with every possible combination of search terms that I could conceive. It seems ridiculous to have to scrap a $600 TV, over a $2 part. We all know how terrible the internal speakers are, on these flat screens.

Or, could the problem be some sort of "smart" switching, not related to the jack? Any other suggestions?


Since you are a tech, all you would need is any 3.5mm jack from anything and solder the connection to the output. Stereo jack is a stereo jack in most devices, nothing fancy or special to how they are built or wired. If the TV has an optical out, you can get an optical to analog adapter and use that as well. Or are you talking about the optical out that has the issue?

Don't let the new price of a older TV sway you into not replacing it, these days a TV of that size is a commodity item available cheap, especially used. I bought a used 49" 1080 TV for under $100. New 50-55" 4k TVs are around for 3-400.