Solved! need to recover data from hard drive of laptop with a broken screen

Dec 26, 2018
my laptop has had a broken screen for some time now, so i’ve been using a monitor and hdmi cord. the other day while i was logging in, the laptop froze up, so i held the power button down to turn it off. i guess the hard drive * the bed, as it loaded in to bios upon restarting. at this point, the laptop still worked with the monitor while in bios. i decided i’d try and fix it another day and powered it off. i tried starting it up today and now the monitor is saying that there’s no input. so i read around and found a certain case that said if i disconnect the ribbon cable from the monitor, it should show bios while connected to an external source. that didn’t work, and all i care about doing now is recovering some stuff from the hard drive, old pics and vids from my old phone that are only stored on the laptop. i don’t plan on ever using this laptop again, so i’m open to any solutions/suggestions that can result in me getting my old phone data off the hard drive, even if it means dissecting this laptop. i’m also willing to spend some money on any kind of things i might need to do so, as long as it isn’t more expensive than bringing it to a repairman, and isn’t a risk of losing any data on the hard drive. thanks.


1. Language, please. Thanks.

2. Take the drive out, and connect it as a secondary drive in some other system. See if you can retrieve anything.

3. Recover the data from the backup you made before this happened.
if you pull the hard drive out of the laoptop. they sell for 30.00 or so online usb to hard drive cables and adapters. to connect laptop to usb cable and plug it into a desktop drive. if the drive still spins and works you can go into the drive and copy files to your desktop. if the drive went south your better off sending it into a data lab.


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