Needs recommendation of video editor for gaming and adding subtitle


Jul 7, 2016
I have been planning to make gaming videos on youtube.

I do not have any experience of editing gaming videos before and I want to find a suitable software to do so.

There are too many this kind of software.

Yet it is impossible to find out the details of features they offer unless I try them one by one.

Here is the list of specific features I want of video editor for gaming:

1. Effects as many as possible.
(This video is one of the example:
Dark Souls 3 - Aquamarine Dagger PvP

As you can see, there are many effects used in this video like zoom in, rewind, adding pictures and combing them etc.

2. Fast.
(I have tried a video editor and it is extremely lag. I have a decent PC and I think it is related to the program instead of my PC. When I moved the window, normally the program moved instantly, but that window just held on seconds before it moved....Also, switching interface in it is also laggy. I can only think of this word to describe it. And of course, rendering videos as fast as possible is good. But it is not my first priority.)

3. A user-friendly interface is appreciated.

4. Easy to begin?(Since I am a newbie)

Additional question:
I will use the NVIDIA Geforce Experience( used to call shadow play) to record my gaming videos.

I have heard there will be trouble if the video is recorded at 30 fps but comes out with 29 fps.

Then, if you use that footage in video editor and output it at 30 fps, it will mess up with the audio
because of the 29 fps.

I will record my video at 30 fps and I notice that some of the videos are 29 fps and 30 fps.

So, will it cause any problem if I use the 29 fps footage like I mentioned above?


I am looking for software which deals with subtitle addition on videos.

I am tried several software but sadly I can't find one good enough like Windows Movie Maker.

However, Windows Movie Maker has its own problems too like multi captions are not allowed and
sometimes it crashed randomly.

Also, the lack of effects of subtitle is a problem. You cannot make the effects of subtitle appearing one by one.

And I can't seem to find any options to edit the fonts. Sometimes the background's color of the video makes the subtitle hard to see. Fonts need to be strengthen.

At last, I hope it is easy to edit the time of subtitle too. In Windows Movie Maker, you can click the arrow to forward and backward time of the subtitle position, which is a good feature. I don't want to manually enter the time every time.

That's all. I hope it is easy to understand. Thank you for reading this and your attention. I could really use your help! Appreciate it !


Jul 1, 2014
Since there are so many different vendors offering video editing software, its a matter of figuring out what works for you. And you will have to do a bit of testing to see what works for you. You are dealing with an "eye of the beholder" situation here since some people may like one interface, but others may totally hate it.

Adobe Premier has a Pro version that you can subscribe to, but I think you can get a 30 day trial to test it out. Just go to the Adobe website and sign up for the Adobe Cloud account and see what is available. Also, Adobe has a light version called Premier Elements, which you can purchase on disk if you like. Shop around to find a good deal.

You can try Blender, which is free and open source:

As far as any of the extra features you want, you have to shop around. Different software has different feature sets, and they will cost money. You might even find some better recommendations if you check the community forums on because they may be doing exactly what you are or something similar.
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