Question Netflix from laptop, wireless stereo sound

Dec 6, 2021
Hi, I have what appears to be a quite unusual living room audio setup requirements.

What I am trying to find:

a pair of speakers for stereo sound
the two speakers are connected wirelessly (don't want a cable across the whole room), one of them has access to ethernet socket
I want to be able to connect one of the speakers to my turntable (with cable), ideally such that both speakers would play the sound
I want to be able to stream music from Spotify
I want to be able to connect it wirelessly to my "movie watching setup", which is a Netflix/HBO run on a laptop, connected to video projector with HDMI cable. In this case, I would like a stereo sound from the two speakers. I mostly use Windows and Ubuntu OS (no Airplay).
Surprisingly for me, the last one seems to be the biggest painpoint. I was thinking about buying a set of Sonos Five (with AUX in) and Sonos One, but this doesn't support the movie watching. All the possibilities I thought of seem not to support my movie watching setup (some say you can do that but the sound would lag behind video).

Do you have any ideas? Thanks!


With bluetooth you are very likely to get audio lag with movies. Sonos has a bunch of wireless streaming interfaces though, did you ask their customer support what you would need to get this working? Really the limit to the setup would be the cost.
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