Netgear Nighthawk X6S Review: Custom Gaming Performance

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May 30, 2018
Netgear is indeed good stuff.
However when you have a problem with the device about 1 in 8 their service is impossible
Because of this we cannot recommend any Netgear product.
If the product is faulty when you buy it there must be a way to get a new one sent out to you.
The "expert"? that I spoke to at Netgear first said he would look into the issue. Of cause I was at work. He assured me when I called back the "expert"? would walk me through troubleshooting the issue. The Second "expert"? was total unable to trouble shoot the problem. Eventually he bacame so difficult to work with I ended the call. The Third did not explain the process. The 4th the 5th the 6th The product has now been with the "experts"? at Netgear for more than 2 weeks. I assume they will send me another. Maybe?
Be careful buy with caution!
Not open for further replies.