Network Controller Help Dell Driver??


Jun 30, 2013
Can someone help or give me advice?

I have an old Dell Inspiron 1525 using Windows Vista Home Pre 32-bit.

It's my dad's and it was unbelivably slow so he wanted me to wipe it to factory settings. I used the Dell disk that came with the laptop to reinstall Vista which was sucsessful on re-installing.

Upon turning it back on all the drivers where missing so I went onto the Dell Website and downloaded the ones I needed. All the the drivers worked apart from the "Network Controller" which I cannot find anywhere to get the wireless back working again.

Really need to use this laptop at the moment so anyhelp would be really appricated...

Thanks again! :')

Shaun o

If you look at the Dell website for the drivers.
You will see there were three types of wireless adapter cards used with your laptop.

If the driver you installed did not work for it, then try the other one listed on the dell website for driver support.

If you get stuck then, flip the laptop over and open the main back panel.

Locate the wi-fi card, with a black and white wire leading to it.

And it will state what wi-fi card it is on a sticker.

With the brand name and model number, or wireless chip set used.