New GooDee home theatre projector NO SOUND COMING OUT!


Sep 24, 2017
Please help I just purchased and hooked up a goodee home theatre projector and it is displaying video through hdmi input from my cable box but no sound is coming out. I have read in reviews for this projector the only bad thing about this projector or semi bad is it does not have great audio and I'm fine with that I planned to buy a surround sound anyways in the future once we get it set up and know more about it. I have never had a projector before but it's not giving out ANY sound at ALL I don't know what I'm doing wrong I've tried all the audio options and it's not working.... I'm stumped can anyone please help me? lol I'm 9 months pregnant and just want to watch the football game tonight
I assume that you have a set top box of some kind connected to the projector with HDMI.
Check the audio menu of that box to make sure it is sending audio out of the HDMI connection.
You may also need to change the audio output type of the box to get the projector sound working.