News New Google Bard leak reveals a ton of new features headed for Google's ChatGPT rival

Jan 7, 2024
17:23 UK
Thanks for this. A internal version of Bard - presumably in development - as a future option set (while I can't presume to know Bard Advanced functionalities now) may include messaging and file transfer for certain user scopes.
I have reason to believe that I have expressed to Bard (without going into detail on today) corporate and full common usage Bard progressive works and pricing tier(s) could include full scope of Google's prowess in LLM software hardware.
As it would be for some better that way if they are new to LLM chat input at all, and the future of us working with such systems.
For your awareness, I believe I understand that Bard is trained on a LOT of data on the historical internet's content (unsure as to this say) and I believe that in Bard's case real time (almost) input to the internet even is considered in it's responses and style. This would make it great to try!

If you were not aware there was a bug with Bard which caused it to not show previous chats (I have quite a few now) that was fixed in the last few days. For personal reasons I'm not going to be using Bard directly for a while I write here.
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